Selling Sunset’s Amanza Smith got a tattoo on her face — See it here

Selling Sunset's Amanza Smith shows off her new face tattoo on Instagram.
Amanza Smith shows fans her new face tattoo on Instagram. Pic credit: Netflix

The Netflix hit show Selling Sunset will be returning for Season 5 later this month.

The ladies of the Oppenheim Group are coming back to share their life updates, relationship statuses, friendship feuds, and of course their career wins.

Showcasing the glamorous side of luxury real estate in Los Angeles is not the only thing the cast wants to be known for. The ladies often take the time to show fans a peek inside their lives outside of work and share their personal stories.

Selling Sunset’s Amanza Smith shares her new tattoo

In a series of photos shared on her Instagram account, Amanza shared her collection of tattoos with her fans. The first was a face tattoo that simply said “invincible.”

Amanza posted a short video showing the final moments of getting her latest ink, which is located just below her chin. In the caption, Amanza said, “You can see it only when I look way up though!”

Selling Sunset's Amanza Smith shows off her new face tattoo.
Amanza shows her new tattoo that says “invincible.” Pic credit: amanzasmith/Instagram

She shouted out her tattoo artist, Zara, who used a delicate cursive font and can be seen in the video making sure every detail was just right for the reality star. Amanza calls herself “crazy” in her caption, while also saying, “Go hard or go home.”

Amanza’s costars jumped in the comments to share their thoughts on her new ink.

Emma Hernan said, “You’re the coolest human I know!” While Chrishell Stause shared she was eager to show off her tattoo as well, saying, “I’ll show u my new one when I see u!” She admits hers isn’t as elaborate, telling Amanza she “didn’t commit this much tho.”

Selling Sunset stars Emma Hernan and Chrishell Stause comment on Amanza Smith's new tattoo.
Amanza’s costars comment on her new face tattoo. Pic credit: amanzasmith/Instagram

This isn’t Amanza’s first tattoo though.

In the same Instagram post, she showed off her others which include the word “mom” on her hand, “pray” spread across both hands and a dainty star design in her ear.

What can fans expect from Selling Sunset Season 5?

With one new addition, all of the familiar faces fans have come to know will return for the upcoming season.

Fans can expect to see more luxury homes and high-end properties as the women do their best to close on their million-dollar deals. The season is also expected to have its fair share of drama and gossip, including Chrishell’s relationship with her boss, Jason.

An intense argument at the end of Season 4 with the show’s villain, Christine, left her at odds with many of her costars. Whether or not she can make amends with them is sure to play out in Season 5.

Vanessa, who missed a good portion of Season 4 due to Covid, is hoping to be seen a bit more this season. She’s newly engaged, although her romance will not be seen on the show for now. The ladies will also welcome a new agent, Chelsea, who is eager to dominate the world of real estate.

Selling Sunset has already been renewed for Seasons 6 and 7 on Netflix, so the drama this season is only the beginning.

Selling Sunset is currently streaming on Netflix.

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