Seeking Sister Wife: Tayler Middleton appeared on Couples Court in 2018, admitted to cheating on then-boyfriend

Tayler Middleton of Seeking Sister Wife
Tayler Middleton, who dated the Snowdens on Seeking Sister Wife, was on Couples Court in 2018 where she admitted to cheating on her then-boyfriend. Pic credit: TLC

Tayler Middleton, one of Dimitri and Ashley Snowden’s potential sister wives from season three of Seeking Sister Wife, once appeared in an episode of Couples Court with her transgender boyfriend and admitted to cheating on him.

Tayler caught some attention lately for her involvement in the abuse scandal surrounding the Snowdens, after Christeline Petersen filed restraining orders against the polygamous couple for alleged domestic abuse.

Christeline alleged Dimitri slammed her head into a headboard and choked her during sex, and claimed Ashley was verbally abusive and stopped her from leaving their home.

Both restraining orders have since dissolved, but Tayler continues to show her support for Christeline and the Snowden’s ex-wife, Vanessa Cobbs, who also spoke out about the abuse scandal recently.

Seeking Sister Wife wasn’t the first time Tayler appeared on TV

During an episode of Couples Court, Tayler’s then-boyfriend, Jay Rowser, claimed Tayler spent too much time with a male co-worker and got a little too friendly with another male bartender.

Jay, who was born a woman, told Judges Dana and Keith Cutler that because he was born a female, there were certain things he couldn’t “give” to Tayler that a biological man could, both physically and emotionally.

Tayler underwent a polygraph test

During a polygraph test, they asked Taylor, “Since the start of your relationship, have you had physical, sexual contact with anyone other than Mr. Rowser?”

Tayler’s answer was “No,” but the lie detector determined she was being “deceptive.”

After this, Tayler eventually admitted to cheating, although Jay said after the lie detector test results, their relationship was “dead.”

Judges Dana and Keith Cutler offered counseling to Jay and Tayler at the end of their session.

Tayler Middleton of Seeking Sister Wife on Couples Court in 2018 on YouTube
Tayler Middleton appeared on Couples Court in 2018 with her transgender boyfriend. Pic credit: Couples Court/YouTube

At the end of their episode, an update showed on the screen that read, “Ms. Middleton says that she and Mr. Rowser are no longer together[.] She claims that they are in a much better space these days [.] They are platonic friends and Ms. Middleton says she is always there for Mr. Rowser if ever he needs her[.]”

Tayler recently broke her silence on the Snowden’s abuse allegations, although indirectly. She shared a pic to Instagram of a trash can and told her followers, “?FOH! I said WTF I said! I know too much to be silenced!???”

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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