Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Jarod and Vanessa Clark are courting a new sister wife

Jarod and Vanessa Clark of Seeking Sister Wife
After things with Emily didn’t work out, the Clarks began courting a new woman in this week’s episode. Pic credit: TLC

Seeking Sister Wife stars Jarod and Vanessa Clark are in the game once again to bring a new potential sister wife into their plural marriage, and in this week’s episode, the couple began courting a new woman.

Jarod told cameras that things “didn’t quite work out” between himself, Vanessa, and Emily, noting that they’ll still be friends, but that Emily is still in the process of finding herself.

Emily was much younger than the Clarks, and revealed that she was bisexual during their dinner date, which Jarod thought might not be a good fit for their relationship, as his views don’t include the wives being intimate with each other.

Before Emily, the Clarks were in a serious relationship with Kaleh Marley, who wanted to work long hours, but it didn’t mesh with the Clarks’ expectations. Kaleh has since gotten pregnant after breaking it off with the Clarks.

Jarod and Vanessa think they found someone more grounded who they’re ‘really excited about’

The TLC star explained that he and Vanessa are looking for someone who is more grounded and revealed that he’s “talking to other potential sister wives at the moment.”

“Yeah, and we finally met someone we’re actually excited about,” Vanessa told cameras about their newest online courtship.

Christa, the Clarks’ latest potential sister wife, is a 37-year-old nurse and mom of three who lives in Texas but has never been in a plural relationship before.

Vanessa explained that although Christa had never been in a polygamous relationship, she was very open to it and understood the dynamic.

“I do love the fact that she can relate to me as a mother,” Vanessa admitted.

Jarod shared that they had been talking to Christa for a couple of weeks and they were about to have their first video chat with her during the episode.

Christa explained why she thinks polygamy is beneficial

Jarod said that they had been texting quite a bit with Christa, and asked her what she saw as beneficial about being in a plural relationship.

Christa told Jarod and Vanessa, “Well, I mean, to me it’s more like working together, the partnership, you know, and just building, you know, um. It’s like, whatever you go through, you know, you gotta remember it’s not just you, it’s two other people, so it’s three.”

Jarod responded to Christa, explaining that it’s easier to navigate life when you aren’t the only one bearing all of the weight in a situation, and used the analogy of being a link, part of a bigger chain, sharing what his mindset is about polygamy.

Vanessa wanted to know if jealousy would be an issue for Christa if she joined their relationship

“It may be, like, a question or a thought about it. But, um, I think as long as there’s like, good communication, openness, you know, and just knowing, like, I can voice my opinion, or come to, you know, either one of you guys, talk,” Christa said.

“I think that’s where it, like, pretty much, you know, boils down to,” Christa explained to the couple.

Jarod confessed that Christa’s wisdom is what set her apart from other women he and Vanessa have dated. Because Christa is already a mother who is established in her career and knows who she is and what she wants, Jarod could tell she wasn’t someone who was “experimenting,” alluding back to their encounter with Emily.

Jarod and Vanessa were pleased with Christa’s lightheartedness and free-spirited nature, so now the question is whether she’ll be a good match for their family.

Fans will have to continue watching every Monday night to find out whether things work out with Christa, or if the Clarks will continue their search for another sister wife.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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