Seeking Sister Wife: The Clarks look to find someone new after Kaleh breaks up with them

Jarod and Vanessa Clark of Seeking Sister Wife and their ex Kaleh
Now that Kaleh has left, the Clarks are looking for a new potential sister wife. Pic credit: TLC

Jarod and Vanessa Clark of Seeking Sister Wife are on the hunt for a new potential sister wife on the heels of Kaleh leaving them, and in a new preview clip, it looks as though they may be in luck.

In the clip, Jarod tells the camera, “We’re open to seeking a new sister wife again.”

A young woman appears in the Clarks’ garage while Jarod is working on his car and his wife, Vanessa, walks out to greet her.

The young woman says, “Hey, guys!”

Next, she’s seen asking Jarod, “If I wanted to learn more, how could we explore it together?” bringing a smile to Jarod’s face.

Communication issues intensified during COVID-19 between Kaleh and the Clarks

Viewers watched in last week’s episode as Jarod and Vanessa’s sister wife, Kaleh, left the family. The Clarks weren’t sure if their communication issues stemmed from COVID-19 or just Kaleh choosing not to communicate.

Jarod said during a confessional with Vanessa, “The last time I saw her, we agreed to mend our relationship. And during the lockdown, we asked her to quarantine with us, but she, she decided to continue to work and her job is very much customer service-based, around a lot of people.”

Jarod and Vanessa distance themselves from Kaleh for the sake of their family

Due to having four kids at home, the family decided it was best for Kaleh to quarantine separately from them, given the nature of her job

Vanessa explained that since they have four young kids at home, they decided it would be best not to chance exposing them to COVID-19.

Jarod explained that while quarantining separately, it became “harder and harder to reach” Kaleh. Vanessa expressed that she would love for Kaleh to come back, but she didn’t want it to be forced.

The Clarks, mostly Jarod, had issues with Kaleh working too many hours, even before the pandemic hit. They were concerned that all of her time away from the family would be detrimental to their relationship’s dynamic.

Eventually, they couldn’t overcome their communication issues and Kaleh wanted to ‘establish’ herself

Unfortunately, the Clarks couldn’t work things out with Kaleh and they decided to respect her space by allowing her to move on.

Vanessa explained, “So in the end, uh, we ended up having to give Kay the space she was asking for.”

Jarod told cameras, “So, uh, we just got through having a talk with Kay, and at this time, we’ve kind of decided that, um, it’s best that we allow things to come to an end for right now.”

Jarod felt like Kaleh ‘wasn’t very aware the direction’ that her life was going

“I feel that Kaleh, she wasn’t very aware the direction maybe that her life was going. She maybe thought she knew and she feels though maybe I need to go out to the world and establish myself and I don’t feel like she had to do that outside the home,” Jarod stated.

“But she felt like it was best if she did it on her own, and um, I think that was really what brought us to this moment where we’re just, you know, we’re in two separate places,” he added.

This season on the show, the Clarks join fellow polygamous couples the Winders, the Snowdens, who have made headlines, outside the show lately, the Joneses, and the Merrifields.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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