Seeking Sister Wife: After Emily drops a bombshell on Jarod and Vanessa, will she be a fit for the Clarks?

Vanessa Clark and Emily of Seeking Sister Wife
The Clarks’ potential sister wife, Emily, dropped a bombshell on them at dinner. Pic credit: TLC

Jarod and Vanessa Clark of Seeking Sister Wife have another potential sister wife in their sights after Kaleh walked out on them; but after Emily dropped a bombshell on the couple, will she still be a good fit for them?

In a new preview clip from TLC, Jarod and Vanessa Clark talked about their intentions of adding a sister wife, Emily, to their relationship, and met her for dinner.

“I’m not only looking for a wife and queen to add to my kingdom, but Vanessa is looking for a best friend, someone to create a sisterhood with. And we also would like someone who be, uh, another mother to our kids,” Jarod explained during his couch confessional with Vanessa.

In the next scene, Jarod and Vanessa are out to dinner with Emily, a young woman the couple had met earlier this season who was interested in polygamy and possibly courting the Clarks.

Vanessa questioned whether Emily’s age would play a role in joining a polygamous relationship

“Emily is in her early 20’s, so I’m curious if she’s ready for everything a plural relationship requires,” Vanessa confessed.

During their meal, Vanessa asked Emily, “What makes you trust us so much?”

Emily took a few seconds before answering, “Mainly because you guys have been so sweet to me, and most people just, they’re not.”

She got emotional as she told the Clarks, “I don’t want to cry right now.”

During dinner, Emily told the Clarks that she’s scared of being heartbroken again after her last relationship

She continued, “It’s just, being heartbroken over my ex, it’s just like, I’m scared. I’m scared to get myself in that situation again. Which is also part of the reason why I know that you guys as a couple, like, you know, you all have your s**t together, but it’s like, Mars, my ex, did a number on me.”

Jarod wasn’t quite sure who Emily was referring to, and asked her, “Mars?”

“Mars was the girl,” Emily replied.

“Oh… oh!” Jarod said as Vanessa said, “Right,” as each of them looked at Emily to continue explaining.

Jarod then asked Emily, “So how much of… how much of that, how much of that lifestyle has been a part of your life, that’s something, you’ve dated, you’ve dated girls, like?”

Emily cut in, “That was the first girl I ever dated, but I have done things with females in the past, before her.”

Much to their surprise, Emily revealed to Jarod and Vanessa that she is bisexual

“So, so you, so, but now you’re interested in a male. So you would consider yourself bisexual?” Jarod asked Emily.

Very matter-of-factly, Emily replied, “I am bisexual.”

The scene cut back to the confessional couch and Jarod told cameras, “Look, I had no idea, uh… I’m just as much in shock as you,” as Vanessa laughed.

Jarod and Vanessa Clark of Seeking Sister Wife on Twitter
Fans of the show spoke out about the Clarks considering adding Emily to their relationship. Pic credit: @tlc/Twitter

Vanessa’s reply to the camera was a simple, “Okay.”

“I don’t, I don’t, I’m just kinda sitting there like…” Jarod said, struggling to find what to say, while Vanessa answered for him, “Wow.”

Jarod made a gesture and sound effect like his mind had been blown as Vanessa laughed once again.

Back at dinner, Vanessa said to Emily, “Um, so you want both.”

Emily replied, “I like both, oh yeah, I like both.”

Jarod explained that his lifestyle ‘doesn’t include the wives having sex with each other’ so he wasn’t sure if a bisexual woman would be a fit for them

Jarod told the confessional camera, “The only time we’ve been seeking a sister wife, um, we never really considered someone who is bisexual just because my lifestyle doesn’t include the wives having sex with each other.”

Vanessa got giddy once again as she laughed and told Jarod, “I think my cheeks are getting a little red from this.”

The Clarks were devastated when their last sister wife, Kaleh, left them during quarantine when she decided that she wanted to work a lot, something that Jarod and Vanessa preferred she didn’t, claiming it kept her away from the family too much.

Many fans of the show thought that Kaleh was too young for the couple, and they shared their opinions about Emily as a possibly sister wife

“Clearly they learned nothing from their last experience trying to bring a 20 something into the family. This one isn’t even old enough to rent a car! From the outside it looks like they just want a concubine/nanny,” said one fan.

Another fan of the show responded, “Looks that way. The original ‘Queen’ goes off on the new young ‘Queen’ because there was a Pop Tart left in the microwave. Please tell me it ain’t so. The “Queen” surely couldn’t be expected to throw a Pop Tart out of the microwave.”

Viewers can find out if things worked out with Emily and the Clarks on Monday night when an all-new episode of Seeking Sister Wife airs.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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