The Clarks’s ex Kaleh from Seeking Sister Wife is pregnant

Kaleh and Jarod and Vanessa Clark of Seeking Sister Wife
Jarod and Vanessa Clark’s ex sister wife, Kaleh, is pregnant. Pic credit: TLC

This season on Seeking Sister Wife, fans have watched as the Clarks, Jarod and Vanessa, revealed that their sister wife, Kaleh had left them amid the coronavirus pandemic, and now their ex is expecting her first baby.

Kaleh was young and hard-working, and her work ethic and time away from the household didn’t exactly vibe with what Jarod and Vanessa wanted and expected from a sister wife.

Kaleh was often left home to care for the Clarks’s four children, doing laundry and housework, while Jarod and Vanessa worked full-time.

After deciding to quarantine separately, Kaleh broke it off with the Clarks

Once the pandemic hit, Kaleh decided it was best to quarantine separately from the Clarks, and after a while, eventually realized that she no longer wanted to be in a plural relationship with Jarod and Vanessa.

Users on Reddit caught a pic from Kaleh’s Instagram stories showing the young TLC personality sporting a growing baby bump.

Per Kaleh’s Instagram profile, she is a yogi and her bio reads, “Celestial [galaxy emoji] E V O L V I N G  ☥ Beautiful Creation She who is Powerful”

Kaley Marley of Seeking Sister Wife on Reddit
Kaleh shared a baby bump pic to her Instagram stories. Pic credit: u/bitchvirgo/Reddit

The link in her bio takes visitors to Kaleh’s Amazon baby registry, with the baby’s arrival date listed as August 30, 2021, and her location in Raleigh, North Carolina.

It appears that Kaleh is in need of just about everything that a newborn baby needs, judging by her registry, which includes a stroller, a car seat, nursery furniture, nursing items, diapers and cream, diaper bags, and more.

Fans are wondering who the father is

Reddit users who shared the pic of Kaleh sporting her baby bump also asked if the baby was Jarod’s and some speculated why they thought it might be.

Kaleh Marley of Seeking Sister Wife on Reddit
Reddit users were curious who Kaleh’s baby daddy is. Pic credit: u/bitchvirgo/Reddit

When one Reddit user asked, “Is this Jarods baby?,” others commented with their opinions.

“I’m taking back my congratulations if it is,” said one fan of the show.

Would it be possible for Kaleh to be pregnant with Jarod’s baby?

One questioned the timing for it to possibly be Jarod’s baby: “Didn’t they say she didn’t want to quarantine with them? And then just stopped taking calls? So they had to have not seen her since before quarantine then right?? So hopefully it’s not his but… [shrugging emoji]”

Kaleh Marley of Seeking Sister Wife on Reddit
Fans wished Kaleh congratulations and questioned Jarod’s paternity. Pic credit: u/bitchvirgo/Reddit

Some fans thought the timing didn’t quite add up for it to be Jarod’s baby

“this is very disturbing if it’s Jarod’s baby. I peeped at the Clark Family insta and it only links to Jarod and Vanessa’s insta so i’m hoping she’s out of that house and has a good situation,” one Reddit user said of Kaleh’s pregnancy.

Another user felt confident the baby isn’t Jarod’s, writing, “She looks healthy and at peace. I’m happy for her. I’m willing to bet this is not the King’s bebe. Go girl, always thought she was too good for those people.”

A third Reddit user didn’t think the math added up for the baby to be Jarod’s.

“I’m sure it probably isn’t Jarod’s. If they broke up in March 2020 she’d be 13+ months pregnant now,” the user explained.

This week on the show, fans watched as Jarod and Vanessa opened their minds to a new potential sister wife in Emily, who dropped a bombshell when she revealed that she is bisexual.

Fans of the show will have to tune in next week to find out if things worked out between the Clarks and their potential love interest, Emily.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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