Seeking Sister Wife: Colton admits his faults, tells fans what he hopes is said about him

Colton Winder of Seeking Sister Wife
Colton was candid about his faults and what he hopes fans think of him. Pic credit: TLC

Polygamous husband Colton Winder of Seeking Sister Wife poked fun at his own faults, but had a serious message for his followers about how he hopes he’s perceived and what people say about him.

Colton and his two wives, Tami and Sophie, live in Utah with their two children, Sadie from mom Tami, and Ephraim from mom Sophie.

The couple is looking to add another wife to their family, and have been video chatting with a potential sister wife, Kimberly, a single mom and school teacher, although Colton recently admitted he doesn’t have much of a spark with her.

Colton took to Instagram to address all of the negative comments fans of the show have made about him.

But one thing Colton wanted to make sure was well-known is the fact that he loves and values his wives.

In a series of pics with his wives and children, Colton had a lengthy post for his followers

“In all seriousness, I know my personality is drier than a hot popcorn fart, and my voice sounds weird, and I’m uncomfortably flat. Most find me unattractive. Some think I’m effeminate. I know that my religious zeal (or fanaticism, if some would prefer to call it that) is a turn off for many.”

“I’m well aware that many think I’m a creep. I’m sure quite a bit of the criticism is warranted. I’m far from being perfect, and I’ll be the first to acknowledge that. Hell, I’ll be the first to laugh about it.”

Colton hopes that at least people say that he loves his wives and adores his children

“If nothing else is said about me, though, I hope people would at least say that I love my wives and adore my children. That’s the absolute truth. Everything I do in life, I do for them. I would give up every luxury, every comfort, for their happiness. I’d sacrifice my life for them if it came to that.”

“One of the only criticisms I’ve seen of me that legitimately annoys me is that I don’t genuinely love and value my wives. I know how fortunate I am, that of all the options in the world, of all the men these gorgeous women could have chosen to be with… they chose me. Me. It still blows my mind.”

“I thank God every single day that they did choose me, and that they continue to choose me every day. No one that reads this should be under the impression, at all, that I’m not just as surprised as you are that a man like me managed to have not only one amazing, beautiful woman choose to walk this path with me, but two. Make no mistake, I know how blessed I am.”

“By the time this season of the show is over, some of you may like me. Some of you will hate me. I can’t drastically change who I am, but I hope you all know that in the love I have for my family, I am definitively sincere. – Colton”

The Winders are the only polygamous family this season who are practicing plural marriage for religious reasons, as they are Mormons.

Colton, Tami and Sophie join the rest of the polygamous cast this season, including the Snowdens, who have faced allegations of abuse recently, the Clarks, the Joneses and the Merrifields.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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