Secret alliance from The Traitors 2 may shock some viewers

Sandra Traitors
Sandra Diaz-Twine revealed a new secret about The Traitors 2 cast. Pic credit: Euan Cherry/Peacock

A secret alliance from The Traitors 2 happened right under the noses of the castle guests.

This alliance may have been a big reason certain people made it to the end of the season.

As Traitors fans already saw, Trishelle Cannatella and Chris “CT” Tamburello were named the winners.

Trishelle and CT won just over $200,000 for their efforts in Scotland, and they helped bring some intense drama to the final episode.

Their experiences on The Challenge and in their Real World houses certainly helped them navigate this new reality competition show.

How they became the final two also led to a spicy reunion show with Mercedes “MJ” Javid from Shahs of Sunset lashing out about how she felt she was treated.

Sandra Diaz-Twine reveals a secret alliance from The Traitors 2

Two-time Survivor winner Sandra Diaz-Twine also nearly made it to the end of The Traitors 2. But she was Banished at the final Roundtable.

Now Sandra has revealed a secret smoker’s alliance that she claimed was sharing information from their cliques in the castle.

Sandra says that Trishelle and CT shared information from Peter’s Pals, while MJ and Kate Chastain from Below Deck revealed information from the other side of the game.

Sandra also stated that Trichelle, CT, and MJ were in that alliance all season and that Kate joined them as soon as she entered the game.

The video below features Sandra going to town on that alliance and warning everyone on The Traitors 3 to watch out for a future smoker’s alliance.

She also levels the accusation that Kate was protecting the other smokers from getting sent home. Is it true? Sandra certainly makes a good case. Watch the video and see what you think.

More reality television news

Survivor winner Boston Rob Mariano spoke about The Traitors and teased an interest in appearing on the show. Since Survivor alums have been featured on the first two seasons of The Traitors US, they will likely show up on Season 3 as well.

Here is an opinion on how Kate Chastain could have won The Traitors 2. There may have been a path for the former Below Deck star to win during her second appearance on the show.

Will Kate’s energy and persona lead to more Below Deck alums appearing on The Traitors in the future? Stay tuned to find out.

Peacock has ordered a new season of The Traitors, and it is expected that more names from reality TV will head to Scotland soon for filming.

The Traitors 2 is streaming on Peacock.

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