Sean Burke stands up for Braunwyn after RHOC castmate Emily Simpson slams her on Twitter

Emily Simpson and Braunwyn Windham-Burke of RHOC
Sean Burke defends Braunwyn Windham-Burke after Emily Simpson slams her on Twitter Pic credit: Bravo

Sean Burke has come to Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s defense once again after her Real Housewives of Orange County costar Emily Simpson slammed her on Twitter.

During the most recent episode of RHOC, Braunwyn admitted to becoming physical with Sean on a few different occasions.  One time, in particular, occurred during the pandemic after Sean made fun of her because she couldn’t get their vacuum to work.

Braunwyn said she became so frustrated between being stuck in the house, and not being able to drink that when he made fun of her instead of helping her, she lost it and smacked him.  She admitted to hitting him even harder three months prior during a vacation in Aspen.

Emily took to Twitter to blast Braunwyn for the way she treated Sean and accused her of making excuses for her behavior.

She wrote, “Tonight on #RHOC, Braunwyn excuses her behavior by acting like a victim of the people and circumstances around her, not to be confused by previous episodes where she excused her behavior by acting like the victim of the people and circumstances around her.”

Sean was quick to come to Braunwyn’s defense in his own Twitter post.

He said, “I love my wife. On two occasions I was the last defense between her and a bottle. It’s disgusting to see some comments from her so called ‘friends’ that pretend to know anything about our relationship, attacking her, rather than showing an ounce of support.”

Emily Simpson slams Braunwyn-Windham Burke on Twitter
Emily Simpson slams Braunwyn-Windham Burke on Twitter Pic credit: @EmilySimpson_OC/Twitter
Sean Burke defends Braunwyn after Emily Simpson slams her on Twitter
Sean Burke defends Braunwyn after Emily Simpson slams her on Twitter Pic credit: @SWindhamBurke/Twitter

Fans support Emily’s post

After Braunwyn admitted to becoming physically violent with Sean, fans called for Braunwyn to be fired.  Many felt outraged that the issue was not taken more seriously and mentioned how if roles had been reversed and Sean had hit Braunwyn, people would have much more adverse reactions.

Several fans shared similar sentiments on Emily’s post and agreed that Braunwyn needed to be held accountable for her own actions and choices.

One fan wrote, “No one deserves to be slapped or hit!!! She needs to take responsibility for her life!!”

Fans agree with Emily's Twitter post about Braunwyn
Fans agree with Emily’s Twitter post about Braunwyn Pic credit:@@karenva13131608/Twitter

Another added, “Struggling with alcohol is one thing but hearing she has hit her husband more than once is wrong. That is spousal abuse regardless if sober or not. He would catch hell if he was the one hitting.”

Fan reacts to Emily Simpson's post
Fan reacts to Emily’s post Pic credit:@poorbabi/Twitter

Sean continues to support Braunwyn

Braunwyn has undoubtedly been through a lot this past year and Sean stuck by her side and showed his support through it all.

Even after he moved out of their home and the couple took time to deal with their issues separately, he moved back in and continues to work on their marriage.

Braunwyn recently came out as a lesbian and showed off her new girlfriend on social media.  She admitted that she was not attracted to men but had no intentions of divorcing Sean.

Sean and Braunwyn have agreed to try to make their open marriage work, despite all of the challenges they’ve faced.

Regardless of everything he has dealt with and experienced as a result of Braunwyn’s addiction, Sean will not allow anyone to criticize his wife.  He continues to show empathy and support for Braunwyn as she navigates her sobriety journey.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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