Savannah Chrisley confirms she asked Lindsie Chrisley not to attend parents’ appeal: ‘She was not wanted’

Savannah Chrisley selfie
Savannah Chrisley isn’t here for Lindsie Chrisley’s story. Pic credit: @savannahchrisley/Instagram

Savannah Chrisley isn’t staying quiet anymore.

The Chrisley Knows Best star has advocated for her parents while raising her two younger siblings.

Todd and Julie Chrisley were initially sentenced to 12 and seven years in federal prison for crimes related to tax evasion and bank fraud. However, since then, Todd’s sentence has been reduced by two years and Julie’s by slightly over one year.

While working to get her parents’ convictions overturned, Savannah has been busy visiting both of them at separate facilities in separate states. She is fighting for them at every turn, and the couple was granted an oral appeal recently.

Lindsie Chrisley revealed that Savannah privately contacted her to ask her not to attend the hearing for Todd and Julie. This led to Savannah responding on her Instagram Story.

It seems the family feud just got turned up a notch.

Savannah Chrisley confirms Lindsie Chrisley was ‘not wanted’

More shots have been fired in the ongoing Chrisley sister feud.

It seemed like Lindsie Chrisley and her sister, Savannah Chrisley, were back on good terms for a while. The two reunited ahead of Todd and Julie Chrisley, who were reporting to federal prison.

However, that changed. Savannah revealed that she told Lindsie not to attend their parents’ appeal earlier this week.

She said, “I most certainly told her privately to not attend. I told her she was not wanted, that my dad did not want her there, and that he didn’t care to have a relationship with her. So, I said all of these things. I am more than happy I said them.

Savannah also confirmed Lindsie’s involvement with the government in connection with the case. The FBI allegedly read a letter she wrote in the courtroom.

Savannah Chrisley reveals upcoming show addressing the Chrisley case

Savannah Chrisley revealed a true crime-type series being worked on that will focus on her parents’ case.

She continued to say that Lindsie Chrisley doesn’t believe the show is real. However, The Chrisley Knows Best daughter insists it is, and she is working to set the record straight, including her big sister’s involvement.

Lindsie has threatened to sue Savannah, but it seems she doesn’t care. She wants the truth to come to light, which appears to be part of her work with prison reform and the show she is working on.

As the video went on, Savannah continued to get more upset. She isn’t interested in reconciling with her big sister.

Savannah has been carrying the family since Todd and Julie Chrisley reported to federal prison. She continues to fight for her parents and what she believes went wrong with the case.

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Annie Harvry
Annie Harvry
21 days ago

I am with Savanah 100%. Advocate for your parents. Lindsey has been on the opposite side even before this case.