Savannah Chrisley shares huge update about Todd and Julie Chrisley

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Savannah Chrisley shared an update. Pic credit: @savannahchrisley/Instagram

Savannah Chrisley is in a celebratory mood.

The Chrisley Knows Best star revealed she got some encouraging news about her parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley.

They have been serving time in federal prison since January, and Savannah has been working hard to get them to come home.

After a phone call she received, Savannah shared the news that her parents’ case was granted oral arguments.

Everything will be heard on March 25, 2024, and big decisions could be made from there.

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Savannah is more hopeful than ever.

Savannah Chrisley reveals encouraging news

Savannah Chrisley recorded a video she uploaded to various platforms talking about the update regarding her parents’ case.

Since Todd and Julie Chrisley were convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion, the reality TV star has been working overtime to speak out about prison conditions and getting her parents home soon.

The Chrisley Knows Best star revealed the court granted oral arguments to be heard in Todd and Julie’s case. According to Savannah, only six percent of cases are granted this chance.

She was elated in her video, but the oral arguments won’t happen until March 2024, which is still four months away. However, it is something positive to look forward to, especially as the holiday season approaches.

Savannah Chrisley has kept followers updated on Todd and Julie Chrisley

As Savannah Chrisley continues to raise her brother, Grayson Chrisley, and her little sister, Chloe Chrisley, she has kept followers updated about her parents’ case.

Todd and Julie Chrisley will spend their first Thanksgiving away from their family, and Christmas will follow shortly.

Savannah revealed that they weren’t doing anything traditional for the holiday. Last year, they knew it would be their last for a while, so perhaps she hopes to do something more fun and relaxing with her siblings to help keep their minds off missing their mom and dad.

The Chrisley Knows Best star has been visiting her parents regularly, sharing the conditions she sees in the prisons when she visits. Recently, Savannah revealed that Todd was experiencing issues due to her speaking out and could possibly be moved from Pensacola, Florida.

Right now, she is looking forward to the oral arguments in March and getting some change done in how the prisoners are treated while in federal prison. Savannah isn’t backing down and will continue to expose what’s happening behind the scenes.

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8 months ago

Well I love the show but if you do the crime you can do the time