Savannah Chrisley calls out Lindsie Chrisley’s ‘victim mentality’

Savannah Chrisley at an event
Savannah Chrisley is done with her big sister, Lindsie Chrisley. Pic credit: © Wise/AdMedia

It doesn’t seem there is a road to reconciliation for the Chrisley daughters.

Lindsie and Savannah have been at odds for quite some time, with a brief reconciliation just before Todd and Julie Chrisley left for prison.

Recently, there has been back-and-forth shade, and typically, Lindsie responds through her attorney, which has always puzzled some followers.

However, Savannah no longer has the time or effort to deal with relationships that no longer serve her.

While doing press for Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, Savannah talked to PEOPLE about her experience on the show, her life raising two kids, and the never-ending drama with Lindsie.

Here’/s what Savannah said about the lack of relationship with her big sister.

Savannah Chrisley calls out her big sister, Lindsie Chrisley

For her part, Savannah Chrisley has kept the drama between her and Lindsie Chrisley primarily private.

The sisters battled it out while Todd and Julie Chrisley dealt with the charges they were fighting, as the family believed Lindsie took part in their indictment. However, that wasn’t the case, and even though Todd blasted his daughter and her alleged relations with members of Bachelor Nation, they’ve moved on.

Savannah confirmed that she and Lindsie were not speaking in real life or online. The Chrisley Knows Best star said, “It is very interesting. I don’t do well with constant lies and victim mentality, so I’m good.”

She continued, “I have realized that as an adult, it’s my responsibility to have healthy relationships and cut out unhealthy ones. And especially now with the two kids, it’s my job to protect them emotionally, physically, psychologically and I just don’t have room for people that don’t want to show up and show up in a healthy manner.”

Savannah Chrisley wonders if she’ll ever get a break

It’s been a tough year for Savannah Chrisley. One filled with loss and grief.

As the reality TV star navigates things, she is doing her best, wondering if she’ll ever get a break.

The blows haven’t stopped from her parents reporting to federal prison earlier this year to the recent loss of her ex-fiance, Nic Kerdiles.

This is also the first year of every holiday without her parents. The upcoming holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, will look different for Savannah and her siblings.

Savannah recently revealed she is seeing someone, and things are going well. He understands life with children, and while he is over a decade her senior, she appears quite happy with him. She and Robert Shiver even double-dated with Grayson Chrisley and his girlfriend.

Things are moving forward, but the relationship between Savannah and Lindsie Chrisley isn’t one of them.

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