Ryan from Below Deck Down Under: What happened to the chef?

Ryan McKeown on Below Deck Down Under Season 1
Ryan was definitely the villain of Below Deck Down Under Season 1. Pic credit: Bravo

What happened to Chef Ryan from Below Deck Down Under? That’s the question on fans’ minds as Season 2 of the Below Deck spinoff hits Bravo airwaves.

Ryan McKeown brought chef tantrums and being problematic to a whole new level on Below Deck Down Under.

The chef’s attitude was awful, and his entitlement was excruciating to watch.

After serving subpar food and clashing with Aesha Scott and Captain Jason Chambers, Ryan was fired before the season ended.

In keeping with his douchebag status, Ryan mooned the luxury yacht and crew upon his exit.

There’s no question Ryan was one of the worst chefs in Below Deck history.

So, is he still a chef today?

What happened to Chef Ryan McKeown from Below Deck Down Under?

Ryan stands by his cooking talents and has been working to build his own brand, The Nauti Chef. The link in his Instagram bio doesn’t really give any information on the brand. It just links to his Cameo and YouTube, which has no videos.

What does have something is Ryan’s link to his Amazon Store featuring products he uses or recommends. Yes, the chef gets a commission off all items bought on the site.

Below Deck Down Under, fans know Ryan considers himself a pizza connoisseur. The pizza lover even shared a recipe for one of his favorite pizzas a few months ago.

Ryan’s personal life has also been thriving now that he’s dating artist Shannon Rose. They went Instagram official to kick off 2023, with Ryan declaring people shouldn’t change, just be themselves.

The chef doubled down on his love for Shannon last week, writing, “This is what winning looks like #winning #staytuned,” on an IG post of him and her.

There’s no question that Ryan didn’t come across the best way on Below Deck Down Under. Although Ryan has stood by his cooking and behavior, critics are still putting him on blast over a year later.

Below Deck Down Under viewers sound off on chef Ryan McKeown

Season 1 of Below Deck Down Under has been playing on a loop on Bravo for weeks so the network can build hype for the Season 2 premiere.

Twitter has been on fire, reiterating that Ryan’s one of the worst chefs, if not the worst, even featured in the Below Deck franchise.

One user even accused him of having “Little Man Syndrome.”

An old tweet from last summer has resurfaced, calling chef Adam Glick from Below Deck Med and Below Deck Sailing Yacht and Below Deck’s chef Kevin Dobson the worst until Ryan came along.

Will the new chef on Below Deck Down Under be better or worse than Chef Ryan McKeown?

Chances are better but remember, this is Below Deck, and anything can happen on the hit-yachting franchise.

To find out what happened to the fired star from Season 1, Magda Ziomek, click here.

Below Deck Down Under airs at 8/7c on Bravo.

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