Ryan and Clara reveal they slept together throughout the entire MAFS process

Ryan and Clara sit on the couch with a notable gap in between them
Ryan and Clara split and spill the beans. Pic credit: Lifetime

Everything clearly is not what it seems with Married at First Sight Season 12 couple, Ryan and Clara, who just recently announced their unfortunate divorce. 

Not only did Ryan and Clara call it quits, they also revealed that they’d actually been sleeping together throughout the entirety of the Married at First Sight process. 

This confession is shocking considering a major point of contention for Ryan and Clara was their alleged lack of intercourse and Clara’s supposed sexual frustrations. It appears there was a lot more going on behind the scenes for Ryan and Clara and they recently spilled the beans on The Bald and The Beautiful podcast

Ryan and Clara kept their sex life under wraps on MAFS

During the podcast, Ryan was outspoken about the difficulties of having his marriage to Clara filmed and documented for the world to see. Clara also wanted people to understand that the show heavily edited their relationship for the sake of entertainment and omitted some of the more positive bonding moments between her and Ryan. 

Ryan stated that the only thing he wanted was to take care of Clara throughout the process because this unique MAFS experience can be taxing. He then proceeded to give the biggest spoiler alert when he told the interviewers, “We had been having sex the entire time.”

Ryan went on o say that they weren’t direct about their sexual intimacy in order to protect the relationship and explained, “it almost felt like at times the camera was being weaponized because we didn’t necessarily want to sit there and entertain those conversations over and over and over again.”

Ryan felt that the cameras and fame were not as important as building a relationship with Clara, which is why he felt adamant about keeping their sex life private and making it appear as though they had yet to consummate the marriage.

However, Ryan did admit that he wasn’t doing a good enough job showing Clara physical affection which contributed to the frustrations she voiced with the other MAFS Season 12 wives.

Ryan and Clara address their biggest misconceptions 

Ryan and Clara were also asked about what major misconceptions fans might have of them after being on the show. 

Clara piped up to explain that a lot of viewers felt that she lost her “sparkle” and that Ryan’s controlling nature was forcing her to be more meek and passive. Clara wanted people to understand that this claim couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Clara boldly stated that she’s a strong independent woman and no man can take her sparkle. 

For Ryan, the misconception that hurt him the most was seeing viewers believe that he’d weaponize his religion against Clara. Ryan’s relationship with God means a lot to him and he expressed that he’d never want to use his religion to condemn anyone, especially when his beliefs are so rooted in grace. 

Interestingly, one of the final sentiments that the ex-couple shared in their interview was about how they feel they have a solid foundation with one another and plan to stay hopeful as they proceed in their relationship.

While Ryan and Clara’s foundation apparently fell through and is resulting in a canceled vow renewal and divorce, the couple remains friends and will hopefully find new love down the line. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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