Russell Hantz calls Survivor 41 a ‘disaster of a season’

Russell Hantz Survivor
Russell Hantz has played Survivor four times in his reality TV career. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor vet Russell Hantz has a lot of strong opinions about how Survivor 41 played out this fall.

Russell has played on four seasons of Survivor over the years, including Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders from 2018.

While he didn’t win any of those seasons, Russell did finish in second place on Survivor: Somoa and in third place on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

As Survivor 41 was airing this fall, Russell continued to share his thoughts about Survivor on social media, and now that the season has come to a close, he has an even more pointed commentary about what he saw take place with the latest cast.

Russell Hantz shares a new YouTube video on Survivor 41 season

Russell didn’t pull any punches when he named his latest YouTube video, “My last thoughts on that Disaster of a ‘season’ called survivor 41!”

Early in the video, Russell complains a lot about the season being “woke” and that there were too many times when politics were brought up. He didn’t provide any examples of where he saw that politics were prevalent, but maybe he will in a later video.

He also had a lot of complaints where he stated that his seasons were much harder than what people had to go through on Season 41. And he definitely was not a fan of the Survivor 41 cast, where he said there were very few good players.

Below is the full video where four-time player Russell Hantz shares all of his thoughts, opinions, and complaints about Survivor 41.

Survivor 42 debuts this spring on CBS

The exciting news is that Survivor 42 is airing during Spring 2022 on CBS.

Many rumors about the new cast have already been posted online, and the leaked Survivor 42 cast bios can be viewed here. Since we are still a few months away from the new season debuting in March 2022, it could be a bit longer until CBS confirms the names.

What CBS has given us is the first Survivor 42 TV promo and it can be watched here. In the video footage, we get to see members of the new cast as they travel to their beaches in Fiji and we get to hear some early thoughts from some of the castaways.

The Ponderosa video for Heather Aldret was released recently and it definitely shines some new light on her experiences. She seemed much more fun during her time in Ponderosa and it looks like we may have missed out on a lot of what she was doing due to the editing that made it to the episodes.

Survivor 42 debuts March 9, 2022, on CBS.

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and he is 100% correct.