Rumors claim Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade are ready to announce their romance but RHOBH fans are ‘over it’

RHOBH star Kyle Richards at the Halloween premiere, 2018
Is Kyle Richards about to announce her romance with Morgan Wade? Pic credit: ©

Word on the street is that Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade are ready to go public with their romance.

However, after months of denying they were a couple, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans are “over it.”

Kyle’s newfound friendship with the country music singer had tongues wagging for several months with speculations that the two were in a relationship.

Adding fuel to the fire were rumors that Kyle’s marriage to Mauricio was on the rocks – another claim she initially denied.

As it turns out, those claims were true, even though Kyle filmed Season 13 without saying a word.

Instead, she and Mauricio announced their separation after the season – forcing the Bravo cameras to pick back up to film the aftermath.

Meanwhile, Kyle had a lot to answer for when she filmed the three-part RHOBH reunion, but with two parts left to air, we’re eager to find out what she revealed about her marriage and Morgan.

Is Kyle Richards ready to announce her relationship with Morgan Wade?

There have been many rumors about Kyle and Morgan as people continue to air suspicions about their relationship.

A few weeks ago, Morgan did a clean sweep of her Instagram and deleted all photos of the RHOBH star, and people assumed that the two were feuding.

Kyle quickly cleared that up, but the newest claim is that the couple is getting ready to finally announce their romance.

A recent Instagram post from @therealityrundown stated, “The couple allegedly shot a magazine cover together, hinting at an upcoming announcement that may shock many.”

The claims originally came from a DeuxMoi source, but if that is true, we know it won’t happen until after Part 3 of the reunion airs. That gives us about two weeks before this is confirmed.

Meanwhile, Kyle admitted earlier in the season that she would consider dating a woman, and she reaffirmed that during Part 1 of the reunion, which aired a few days ago.

RHOBH fans are officially ‘over’ Kyle and Morgan

Meanwhile, frustrated RHOBH fans have grown tired of the speculations about Kyle and Morgan, and when the rumor was shared on Instagram, they expressed annoyance.

“Nobody is Shocked Nobody Cares, Desperate Old Housewife,” exclaimed one commenter.

“Omg all this Bravo BS ‘breaking news!’ I feel like I’m somewhere between the Twilight Zone and Bermuda Triangle! Lord make it STOP!!😂😭,” said someone else.

Kyle Richards Comments
Fans weigh in. Pic credit: @TheRealityRundown/Instagram

One Instagram user wrote, “They haven’t announced it yet and I’m already bored with them.”

Another added, “I’m so over the are they are they not…and Kyle’s no answer answers when asked about it…it’s not that interesting Kyle.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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