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Robyn’s hair at the RHOP reunion: Is it tire marks? Cheetah print? Twitter weighs in

Robyn Dixon films for the RHOP Season 5 reunion.
Robyn Dixon films for the RHOP Season 5 reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Potomac star Robyn Dixon’s reunion appearance has fans wondering what inspired her unique hairstyle.

Fans have been concerned about the RHOP women’s fashion sense ever since they debuted their matching canary yellow dresses.

Even Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore called out the RHOP cast’s sense of style on Watch What Happens Live and declared that they “can’t dress.”

While fans had questions about all of the women’s reunion looks, fans have the most to say about Robyn’s hairstyle, and it wasn’t necessarily positive.

What was the inspiration for Robyn’s hairstyle?

Some fans think Robyn’s hair look resembled tire marks.

“Robyn with the “what is your motivation” question to Monique. She should have been asking that question to her hairdresser with those skid marks in her hair,one fan tweets.

“Why does Robyn’s hair have tire marks in it???” another fan asks.

Other fans believe that her look was inspired by an animal print pattern.

“Did Robyn really just say that Gizelle makes some bold fashion choices that just aren’t for her all while rocking that hairdo?! Does she have cheetah print tattooed on her hair?” One fan asks.

“i know robyn does not have cheetah print in her hair..” another fan writes.

Another small group of fans thinks that Robyn’s hair looks like printer ink.

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“Robyn’s hair looks like a home printer test page that is low on ink,” one fan observed.

“I’m trying to figure out is this on purpose or did the Epson inkjet printer ink run out on these stamps for Robyn’s hair”

One fan has a unique perspective and compares Robyn’s hair to horse fodder.

“Why does Robyn’s hair look dry like hay???” The fan asks.

While fans had different theories on what Robyn’s hair most closely resembles, the majority of fans agree that it was not a good look for Robyn.

What went down at the RHOP reunion part 1

Even though only one of the three reunion episodes has aired, plenty of drama has happened.

As fans pointed out, Robyn dissed Gizelle Bryant’s sense of style in a charge lead by Karen Huger.

Additionally, Monique Samuels whipped out her Very Special Binder of receipts and dirt on all of the other women.

Monique has already opened up to binder in an attempt to prove that Gizelle’s rekindling with ex-husband, Jamal, was all just for show.

As Andy Cohen has teased, this is only just the start of the shade that will be thrown at the RHOP reunion.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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