Richie Hosein on Below Deck Sailing Yacht: What is his job and net worth?

Richie Hosein from Below Deck Sailing Yacht has a slew of businesses.
Richie Hosein is an entrepreneur with his hands in several different industries. Pic credit: @RichieHosein/Instagram

Richie Hosein on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, what is his job, and what is his net worth? Those are the questions viewers of the Bravo show are asking after watching Richie party it up with his Long Island bros for two episodes.

The recent group of charter guests on Below Deck Sailing Yacht left quite the impression on fans, as well as the crew. It was difficult for viewers to watch their outrageous shenanigans, especially when second stew Madison Stalker was harassed.

However, now that the guys’ guest stint is over, people can’t help but be curious about the guys. Riche is at the top of the list.

What does Richie Hosein do for a job?

Richie was invited to the boys’ club party charter because of his connection to the primary’s cousin. Dr. Francis Martinis was the primary and asked by Bravo to appear on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. He was previously on Below Deck Med twice with his wife Jessica, so this time he decided it would be boys only.

The first person Francis invited was his wife’s cousin Austin Allen, who is friends with Richie through the bar/nightclub business. Richie owns several nightclubs, while Austin runs a security company for them.

No, Richie is not just another bar or nightclub owner. He is kind of a jack of all trades, as well as an influential entrepreneur. According to Home Business magazine, Richie is the ultimate businessman with ventures in hospitality, music, technology, and medical fields.


His LinkedIn profile lists Richie as the co-founder of A.M. Southampton Nightclub. Richie is also president of a medical device company called TRE Medical Technology Consultants, CEO of Exit Partners, a financial company, and CEO of Baseline Health Management, which specializes in health and wellness programs in the workplace.

If that isn’t enough, Richie is a managing partner for Etiquette Management Group, LLC, which owns several bars, clubs, and restaurants in New York City. The guy knows how to party, but it also appears he works hard.

Riche’s net worth

The businessman, with his hands in various companies, has got to be worth a pretty penny. According to Trend Celebs Now, Richie’s net worth has increased over the past couple of years.


Right now, the Long Island bro is reportedly worth between $1-5 million. It is not hard to believe he is raking in cash based on his actions on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Yes, he acted like a frat boy, but he also acted like someone of privilege and means.

Richie Hosein showed viewers his party side on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. However, based on his vast business portfolio, he does a lot more than party.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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22 days ago

Well here’s hoping KARAMA visits him and his POS bros soon. Hopefully there will be lots of low class chicks throwing up all over his nightclubs and security bros soon. Lol