RHOSLC newbie Monica Garcia in legal war with Heather Gay’s company over ‘botched’ lip, nose injections

RHOSLC stars Heather Gay and Monica Garcia close-up
Heather Gay’s company files a lawsuit against Monica Garcia. Pic credit: Brett Colvin/Bravo

There’s drama brewing in the icy streets of Salt Lake City, but things are a lot more serious than just reality TV hoopla.

RHOSLC star Heather Gay and Season 4 newbie Monica Garcia are in the middle of a legal war, according to a new lawsuit.

The allegations are that Monica got work done at Heather’s medical spa, Beauty Lab + Laser, but was left with a “botched” nose and lips after the procedure.

It came after Beauty Lab filed a lawsuit against The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City newbie for not paying for services done.

In response to the suit, Monica countersued and claimed there was a reason why she refused to pay.

Interestingly, there’s been no drama between Heather and Monica on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

So far, the two women have been getting along quite well, although Monica has been in the middle of several confrontations.

The lawsuit was filed a few weeks before Monica debuted on the show.

Monica Garcia is being sued by Heather Gay’s company

The U.S. Sun obtained documents that revealed Beauty Lab + Laser filed a lawsuit against Monica in August for breach of contract and breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

The incident allegedly happened in December 2019 when Monica visited the medical spa and signed a contract to pay $2,449 for cosmetic injections.

Monica is said to have paid the initial setup fee and down payment totaling $449 and was scheduled to make monthly payments of $200 for the next ten months.

However, the payments were reportedly not made, and Beauty Lab noted in its lawsuit that as a result, the company “suffered, and continues to suffer, significant losses and damages.”

The company asked the court to order Monica to pay “not less than $2,000.” They also want her to foot the bill for “reasonable attorney’s fees and other remedies provided by statute or contract.”

RHOSLC newbie Monica Garcia countersues over alleged botched lip and nose injections

Meanwhile, Monica claims that she was not happy with the service provided by Heather Gay’s company.

In her countersuit, the 39-year-old said that she didn’t make the payments as per her contract because she “received defective, negligently given injections, which did not have the intended, promised result.”

Monica claimed her nose and lips were “botched” from the Beauty Lab injections, and she had to visit another “competent party to fix the damage.”

According to the RHOSLC star, the company “promised” they would not seek any more payment since another party had to fix “the damage to Monica’s nose and lips caused by the incompetent, negligent actions of Beauty Lab’s staff.”

The mom of four did not request a definite amount in her countersuit but noted that the damages sought are less than $50,000.

She requested that the court determine the amount at trial.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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