RHOSLC: Jen Shah’s former designer calls out Bravo star after she berates him in leaked audio

Jen Shah during an episode of RHOSLC
Jen Shah’s designer speaks out after audio clip leaked of her allegedly berating him. Pic credit: Bravo

Video footage was recently released showing Jen Shah screaming at members of her Shah Squad.

In the video, a woman said to be Jen was yelling and swearing at one of her workers, but it’s unclear exactly what she was upset about.

She referenced The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion a couple of times and how it was coming up.

At one point, she even went as far as throwing something. After she left the room, it appeared that her husband Sharrieff Shah asked the Shah Squad worker if he was okay.

Jen eventually came back into the room and started yelling again, and Sharrieff attempted to calm her down.

As if that video wasn’t bad enough, additional audio was leaked of Jen allegedly verbally assaulting her designer Koa Johnson.

Following the leaked audio, Koa spoke out about the mistreatment he received while working for her.

Page Six posted the leaked audio here.

Koa Johnson speaks out against Jen Shah following leaked audio

Koa was responsible for designing many of Jen’s outfits, including the dress she wore to the recent RHOSLC reunion.

Koa explained that he did not know who leaked the audio of Jen allegedly berating him, but he was happy that they did. He said the incident occurred sometime in November of last year.

Koa took to Instagram to outline various ways that Jen reportedly mistreated him.

His list included claims that he worked all hours through the night, mostly unpaid, and that he often “tiptoed around a hostile work environment.”

Koa also claimed that he received payment from Jen in September but did not receive additional money even though he continued working through January.

Jen’s hostile behavior on RHOSLC

The leaked audio of Jen behaving in a hostile way may not surprise anyone who watched the first season of the RHOSLC.

At several points throughout the season, Jen was known to fly off the handle in moments of anger.

Fans might recall that Jen flipped out and threw a glass at a birthday party she planned for her husband before quickly leaving the venue.

Her response was due to her costar Whitney Rose claiming that housewives Meredith Marks and Lisa Barlow said they were afraid of Jen.

Later, Whitney apologized for her timing when revealing the information to Jen, and she seemed to accept the apology. However, when the girls took a trip to Las Vegas, Jen made it clear she was still upset.

During a dinner, Jen stormed off after pushing through Heather Gay and getting in Whitney’s face.

At the reunion, Jen acknowledged her volatile behavior and recognized that her responses tend to be extreme. She admitted that she struggled with some personal issues while filming that triggered her anxiety.

Jen has yet to comment on the leaked audio and video.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is currently on hiatus.

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