RHONY fans are mad at Leah McSweeney for her behavior during drama with Heather Thomson

RHONY star Leah McSweeney.
RHONY fans call out Leah McSweeney for her behavior and fight with Heather Thomson. Pic credit: Bravo

Leah McSweeney has had a tough few episodes in Season 13 of the Real Housewives of New York.

Early on in the season, fans learned that Leah’s Grandmother was ill and not expected to live much longer. The pain of this upcoming loss was clearly overwhelming for Leah and although she attempted to push through and have a good time on a cast trip to The Hamptons, her mood quickly spiraled.

The Married to the Mob designer admitted, “My Grandmother is very sick and passing away right now. I do not feel fully like myself. And I’m not good at pretending I’m feeling a different way.”

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Naturally, it didn’t help that RHONY alum Heather Thomson made her return during this time. Leah’s vulnerability got the best of her and she refused to welcome Heather with open arms. Instead, she was heavily guarded, especially because she knew what Heather had been saying about the other women behind their backs to the press.

Leah’s reluctance to Heather’s presence caused huge waves within the group and only worsened after she learned that Heather had talked about her behind her back.

Heather’s opinions on Leah’s political stance, and her insinuation that she may not vote in the then-upcoming election, sent Leah over the ledge.

Leah lashes out at Heather for talking behind her back

Although Leah was overwhelmed by the situation with her grandmother and was already skeptical of Heather’s presence on their trip, she did attempt to make the best of it and at least speak to her.

However, Leah and Heather hit a rough patch when Heather brought up the topic of politics by asking the women if they planned on voting early in the then-upcoming election. Leah made it clear that she wasn’t into politics recently and claimed she didn’t “want to partake” in the entire event.

When she went on to insinuate that she may not vote, she told Heather not to come at her for her political opinions.

In a later conversation, Eboni K. Williams let it slip that Heather had some opinions about Leah’s voting choices which she voiced only after Leah had left the conversation. This sent Leah spiraling and she rushed to confront Heather.

“Do not talk about if I want to vote or not, it’s none of your business,” Leah said from the second-floor landing. “You are white feminism 101. You are the f**king problem.”

The fight continued as the women traveled to a 70s themed party, it ended with the women throwing insults at one another before Leah stormed out of the van and calling Heather “a psycho.”

RHONY fans think Leah took it too far

The episode had fans flooding social media with their opinions and many of them felt that Leah’s behavior was out of line.

One fan tweeted, “Leah spent an entire reunion and the start of this season talking down on Ramona over her covid [sic] behavior, saying ‘ she just doesn’t like lying’ and acting like the morality police but now she’s gonna get mad because ‘Heather is acting like she’s morally superior’ ??? #RHONY”

Tweet about Leah's behavior.
Pic credit: @katywatchestv/Twitter

Another noted that it wasn’t the best idea for Leah to come on the trip and suggested Bravo shake up the cast once again by replacing her.

“Leah needs to go home instead of blowing up on everyone. Can we replace Leah with Heather please?! #RHONY,” they wrote.

Tweet that Leah should go home.
Pic credit: @MssBNicole/Twitter

Another fan pointed out that Leah should have opted to stay home, “Sorry that Leah was going through that with her grandmother..but she absolutely did not need to be on that vacay, her worry, & sorrow totally turned her into a violative emotional wrecking ball towards most everyone. #RHONY”

Tweet that Leah shouldn't have gone to the Hamptons.
Pic credit: @lisalovesboston/Twitter

And yet another shared, “Leah: Leave me alone, Heather. Just leave me alone. Also Leah: Following Heather and getting in her face. #RHONY”

It should be interesting to see how the fight between Heather and Leah plays out in the next episode.

The Real Housewives of New York airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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