RHONJ alum Siggy Flicker says ‘toxic production team’ wanted her to go after Teresa Giudice

RHONJ star Siggy Flicker and OG Teresa Giudice
Siggy Flicker calls out the toxic RHONJ production team. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Siggy Flicker just sat down for an eye-opening interview where she spilled all the tea about the “toxic production team.”

The always outspoken former cast member gave some insight into how the production team has been protecting, certain cast members, i.e. Margaret Josephs, and how they take aim at others.

According to Siggy, when she joined the show, production wanted her to go after OG Teresa Giudice, but she refused to take the bait.

The former Bravo star had nothing but good things to say about the OG, but the same can’t be said for Margaret Josephs.

You may remember that Margaret was introduced on the show as Siggy’s friend, but the mom of two revealed they were “never ever friends.” That was just another “lie” by production.

Aside from spewing some questionable political ideals on social media, we haven’t heard much from the 56-year-old since she bid the show goodbye and never looked back.

Well, now Siggy is looking back and with nothing to lose and no desire to ever get back on the show, she had no problem airing all their dirty laundry.

RHONJ alum Siggy Flicker says production wanted her to go after Teresa Giudice

The Trehuggers are going to love this new interview with Siggy Flicker because she’s team Teresa.

During a recent chat on the allabouttrh podcast, Siggy said, “Teresa has given her heart and soul to the show. She is the show… the person who comes on the show that is authentically herself is Teresa Giudice.”

The former Housewife had nothing but glowing things to say about the mom of four, but according to Siggy, that’s not how production wanted things to pan out.

“I came on the show and they wanted me so bad to hate this girl,” she said. “She had just come out of jail and they’re like ‘Siggy you’re not scared of anybody, we would love for you to go up against Giudice.'”

Siggy Flicker accuses ‘toxic production team’ of protecting Margaret Josephs

Siggy made it very clear that her two seasons on the show were a total nightmare because of Margaret Josephs who knew that production had her back.

“I’m talking about the toxic production team…They play favorites and they protect, especially Margaret,” said Siggy, who later added, “She is protected in the editing room.”

Siggy noted that Margaret has managed to stay on RHONJ for all these years — although she brings nothing to show — because she is close friends with the production team.

“What does Margaret bring to the show? She has no storyline…and here she is, but what they love about her is, she will go into the dark places where no one dares.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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Teresa Burtner
Teresa Burtner
1 year ago

Puleeze! So tired of Soggy Flicker!