RHOM Reunion trailer: Alexia Nepola and Larsa Pippen get into an explosive backstage screaming match

Larsa Pippen at the Real Housewives of Miami reunion.
Larsa Pippen is in the hot seat. Pic credit: Bravo

We can always trust the Real Housewives of Miami to bring the heat.

Bravo finally went public with the trailer for the Season 6 reunion today, and it’s yet another display of a show in the long-running franchise that’s firing from all cylinders.

The insane first footage picks up with Andy Cohen sharing a video, claiming that a fight is happening behind the scenes somewhere.

As Cohen prepares for a “long night” ahead of him, screaming can be heard because this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We then see Alexia Nepola and Larsa Pippen screaming at each other about who the biggest liar is.

This is the petty we expect with this show, so we’re happy the two original stars are still willing to go there 13 years after RHOM first hit the air.

Who is the better friend?

“Alexia, I’m a way better friend to you than you are to me,” Larsa snipes at her on-again, off-again friend.

Never one to back down, Alexia wonders: “What kind of f**king friend are you?”

We don’t know how they got to this point because months passed between the filming of RHOM Season 6 and the reunion.

However, it’s likely they won’t reach much of a resolution because, as Monsters and Critics reported, Alexia believes Larsa and her boyfriend, Marcus Jordan, fabricated their recent split for publicity.

Of course, this all happened after the reunion taping, leading us to believe they left it on bad terms.

After that drama, we see the ladies on one of the most beautiful-looking sets for a reunion to date.

Adriana de Moura is armed with a poem at the reunion

In what’s becoming a yearly tradition, Adriana de Moura came prepared with a poem.

Last year, she wrote something about Marysol Patton’s drinking, so as you can probably expect, her former friend is not impressed with what she has up her sleeve this time.

Larsa finds herself in plenty of arguments throughout the reunion. Still, the one fans will be looking for is Guerdy Abraira calling her out for sharing her breast cancer diagnosis after swearing her to secrecy.

Abraira believes her one-time friend made her life harder at a time when she needed friends the most.

Larsa has mastered the art of deflection because she somehow manages to act like she did nothing wrong.

Julia Lemigova goes after Larsa Pippen’s butt

Julia Lemigova also has some beef with Larsa because she doesn’t believe Kim Kardashian‘s former friend’s butt is real.

That gets about the response you’d expect from Larsa. It truly is one of the most insane trailers, and we’re surprised this show doesn’t get as much love as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

It deserves it. But, in true Bravo fashion, the network is switching up RHOM’s schedule to prop up Erika Jayne’s spin-off.

RHOM is getting moved to a new night

The first part of the RHOM Season 6 reunion airs Wednesday, February 28, at 8/7c.

Part two will air the following night – Thursday, February 29, at 8/7c.

The third and final part will follow one week later on Thursday, March 7, at 8/7c.

It’s time to shift the show back to Peacock because at least there was consistency with the scheduling.

We don’t know if the show has been renewed for Season 7, but it’s difficult not to have some concerns.

The Real Housewives of Miami continues on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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