Alexia Nepola on Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan split: ‘Everybody knows it’s staged’

Alexia Nepola on The Real Housewives of Miami.
Alexia Nepola is calling out Larsa Pippen. Pic credit: Bravo

Alexia Nepola’s relationship with Real Housewives of Miami co-star Larsa Pippen isn’t in the best place, and there’s a good chance they won’t be on talking terms after the latest episode of her Ay Por Favor podcast.

Nepola and co-host Marysol Patton delved into Pippen’s split from Marcus Jordan that got everyone talking earlier this month.

For those uninitiated, Pippen removed all traces of Jordan from her Instagram account earlier this month and shared some quotes that seemingly suggested she picked the wrong man.

In the aftermath, the pair were spotted very much together.

Nepola now feels that the whole split was “staged.”

“First of all, nobody even cares,” the 56-year-old dished.

“Everybody knows it’s staged … and this is why we’re even talking about it because it’s so ridiculous at this point.”

Marysol feels “scammed” by Larsa and Marcus

Patton admitted to feeling “scammed” by her RHOM co-star and Jordan because of things that have come to light since the reported split.

The 57-year-old thinks the pair has been “in cahoots” throughout the whole process.

“I see the flowers, the paparazzi photos, I was like, ‘Oh my God. Is she playing us?'”

Patton felt “upset” by those feelings, and both women later copped to feeling “played” for worrying about Pippen.

Alexia wonders if the relationship has been a publicity stunt

Nepola wondered if the whole relationship had been an elaborate publicity stunt, with Patton saying it “crossed” her mind.

“This smells like a scam,” Patton, who has a unique view on the situation as a former publicist, said.

It’s been quite the month for Pippen and Jordan, who were both voted out of Peacock’s The Traitors early.

In recent episodes of RHOM, they’ve been loved up, and it seemed like their relationship was moving in the right direction.

Despite a public split, Pippen and Jordan seem to be together

Now, it’s unclear where they stand with each other.

After the Instagram drama, they were spotted together, with many believing they are now back together.

The kicker? It won’t even be addressed at the forthcoming RHOM reunion because it was filmed before this split played out.

It sounds like plenty of drama brewing for RHOM Season 7, assuming Bravo picks up another season of the show.

Will RHOM return for Season 7?

Despite being the strongest series in the franchise creatively, the numbers — thanks to Bravo’s mishandling of the show — leave us with some pause.

The cast clocks in to deliver the goods in the drama department, and more than the other shows, you can tell this is a friend group that has its ups and downs before repairing things.

It’s hard not to think Pippen and Jordan’s relationship woes will play into the upcoming season and the skepticism surrounding their very public breakup.

The Real Housewives of Miami airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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