RHOBH: Mauricio Umansky weighs in on Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton feud

Mauricio Umansky is blaming editing for the way his wife Kyle Richards was portrayed on The RHOBH.
RHOBH star Kyle Richards’ husband said it was hard for him to watch the reunion. Pic credit: @mumansky18/Instagram

Happy wife, happy life!

Mauricio Umansky is backing up his wife, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards, in her feud against her sister Kathy Hilton.

After the finale part of the reunion aired, viewers were hard on Kyle.

Most of them agreed with Kathy that she didn’t say much and didn’t defend her when Lisa Rinna tried to paint her as a horrible human being.

Kathy told Kyle toward the end of the taping, “You didn’t say two words.”

Mauricio is now speaking out and blaming it on editing.

He said, “I think it’s sad the way it’s being portrayed.”

He said that the fans are not looking at the full picture because they don’t have the whole story.

RHOBH: Kyle Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky, says she is ‘100 percent right’

Mauricio Umanskysaid he can assess and judge the situation better because he knows all the sisters’ backstories. After all, he’s been in the family for over two decades.

He said, “I know a lot of the stuff that’s going on in the background, which isn’t exactly what’s being put out there…”

The Agency’s CEO went on to say that he believes that his wife is right in this situation. He said, “I think Kyle’s a hundred percent in the right here without question.”

He further revealed that it was hard for him to watch the finale of the reunion. He also said that it was sad, “The way it’s being received and what’s going on.”

Mauricio said that at the end of the day his wife is strong and that she’ll get through this tough moment.

He exclusively told US Weekly, “Kyle’s so strong and she such a good person that she’s not even out there really trying to defend herself too much and she’s just taking it in the chin, like the strong person that she is.”

Some RHOBH viewers are calling for a boycott

The real estate agent was promoting his upcoming Netflix show, Buying Beverly Hills. Kyle and Mauricio’s daughters will also star in the show. The couple has been married for 26 years and share three daughters together as well as Kyle’s daughter from a previous marriage.

Some RHOBH fans are calling for a boycott of Mauricio’s show after he laughed about Erika Jayne cursing at Garcelle Beauvais’ 14-year-old son. He even said that Erika was right to do that.

An RHOBH viewer wrote, “Boycott Mauricio Umansky! Boycott Buying Beverly Hills! What’s funny about cursing out a young black boy on national TV Mauricio? Honestly PLEASE explain!?! Netflix… how will you promote this man?”

RHOBH viewers feel Kyle Richards didn’t say enough

Lisa said that Kathy had a meltdown in her presence and threatened to end her sister, Kyle.

She reported that Kathy allegedly said some vile and cruel things about Kyle. Lisa also told Kathy that she needed help, that she hated her sister, and that she had a black heart.

RHOBH viewers have taken to social media and voiced their opinion. They felt like when Dorit tried to help Kyle see Kathy’s point, she shut down Dorit.

Fans have also said that Lisa went too far in the things she said on social media. She even used Kathy’s daughter, Paris Hilton’s, trauma to hurt her. But Kathy came prepared to the reunion and defended herself.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on hiatus.

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