RHOBH viewers slam Kyle Richards after the Reunion for treatment of Kathy Hilton

Kyle Richards couldn't stop crying during Part 3 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion.
RHOBH star Kyle Richards says she didn’t hear her sister use any slur words. Pic credit: © Agency

Kyle Richards’ anxiety seemed to have kicked in the minute her sister Kathy Hilton walked onto the stage of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion.

Kathy gave her sister a kiss, then looked straight at Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne, who had been avoiding her gaze.

In a stoic, confident, and iconic manner, she said to them, “Hi Girls!”

Soon after that, the showdown started between her and Lisa. But Kyle didn’t speak much, not to back her sister up, nor to defend her.

She cried, and cried, and cried, and many RHOBH viewers agree with Kathy that Kyle played the martyr.

Kathy explained to Andy that she was more upset at Kyle during tequila-gate in Aspen. She said that when she showed up at the bar, she thought that her sister had arranged a tasting for her brand, Casa del Sol.

RHOBH: Kathy Hilton wants to manage her expectations

Kyle had mocked Kathy’s presentation the night before, and she thought that Kyle wanted to make it up to her.

Kathy quickly added that that was on her and she should learn to manage her expectations.

Kyle started crying and claimed she was always blamed for everything.

Lisa explained to Andy that Kathy said some of the vilest things she had ever heard before and that she was traumatized. Kyle didn’t utter one word in defense of her sister.

@QueensofBravo wrote on social media, “If Kyle wants to be in a better place with Kathy, then Kyle should use the same energy she had for Crystal and hold Rinna accountable for driving this wedge between them and not letting it go.”

She unmuted herself when Erika said that she heard Kathy use a slur word to describe the DJ who had refused to play one of her requests. Kathy denied it, saying she had never used that word.

Erika said she had no reason to lie and insisted Kathy said it to her. In an iconic moment, Kathy looked at the Pretty Mess performer and said, “Oh yeah? I believe I have a little more credibility than you.” Mic drop!

Kyle muttered at that moment that she didn’t hear her sister use any slurs. The other ladies also denied Erika’s claims, except for Lisa who stayed silent.

Kyle Richards snapped at Dorit Kemsley

She later found her voice to ask her sister why she seemed to be mad at her. Kathy said it was because Kyle didn’t say two words. The Halloween Ends actress failed to defend her sister when her friend Lisa was going after her on social media.

Dorit interjected to tell Kyle that Kathy would like to see her take some accountability. She explained that Kyle acted like she was the victim. But Kyle quickly shot Dorit down.

And viewers noticed that she didn’t have this same energy when it came to putting Lisa in her place.

A fan wrote, “Rinna has been interjecting for months but Dorit tries to be a good friend to both Kyle and Kathy and Kyle bites her head off. Kyle needs to give Rinna this energy NOT Dorit!”

RHOBH viewers call out Kyle Richards

Viewers are angry at Kyle for letting Lisa relentlessly go after her sister without saying anything.

One fan wrote, “This has been the issue all season. Just like with Kim, Kyle has kept quiet while Rinna (and EJ) have attacked Kathy for months. She only speaks up to make herself the martyr and victim just like Kathy said. It’s always about her.”

Another RHOBH fan pointed out that Kim had said to Kyle many seasons ago that Kathy would have her back in her feud against Lisa. They wrote, “Tonight, Kathy Hilton fulfilled the prophecy laid forth by Kim Richards in season 5.”

Maybe, in the end, Kyle did see the light. It is rumored that she removed all pictures of Erika and Lisa from her social media accounts.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on hiatus.

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Margaret Acton
Margaret Acton
1 year ago

Why are you all coming after Kyle? Kathy Hilton shouldn’t get a hall pass here. While this is just another example of how viewers who continue to watch the housewives saga ultimately get what they came for; drama that tears relationships apart. Kathy may very well have said cruel things in the heat of anger, y’all keep fanning the flames!