RHOBH: Lisa Rinna uses Paris Hilton’s trauma to hurt Kathy Hilton

RHOBH: Lisa Rinna attacks Kathy Hilton on social media.
RHOBH star Lisa Rinna hits below the belt while attacking Kathy Hilton on social media. Pic credit: ©

Last Wednesday, on Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Lisa Rinna admitted that she was a disaster on social media.

She said that she had little impulse control and said the attention she got from her posts gave her a dopamine high.

It seems like she learned little to nothing from her conversation with Andy Cohen, who told her she needed to stop this behavior.

A couple of days after the reunion aired, she took to social media to post a series of messages directed at Kathy Hilton. She called Kathy a narcissist in one of them.

But the one that caught viewers’ attention was when Lisa reposted a user who said that Kathy had been a bad mother to Paris Hilton. The user said Kathy allowed her daughter to be kidnapped and sent to a place where she got abused.

They added that Kathy showed little remorse when confronted.

Kempire posted about the vile comment on his YouTube page, and viewers are furious that Lisa stooped so low.

Viewers slamming RHOBH star Lisa Rinna for her despicable behavior

Many RHOBH fans said that Lisa has now crossed a line with her antics on social media. They have called on Kyle Richards, Kathy’s sister, to end her friendship with Lisa and publicly called her out.

Fans have also pointed out Lisa’s shortcomings as a mother, saying that her daughter Amelia Hamlin had publicly said her parents refused to pay for her to seek therapy. It has all gotten very ugly.

One viewer wrote, “This goes beyond a ‘reality show’ & ‘playing a villain.’ If Lisa didn’t think this was bad, why did she delete this? No amount of $/fame would make me play a ‘reality villain’ like this, especially knowing the parent did what she thought was best at the time/unaware. Inexcusable.”

Viewers also pointed out that Lisa’s repost was misleading as Kathy had attended therapy with her daughter Paris. Part of a session was shown in Paris’ documentary.

One viewer wrote, “At what point does @KyleRichards speak out and declare: ‘Lisa Rinna is not my friend and what she said about my sisters, what she is saying about my niece, is disgusting!!'”

Another RHOBH fan who watched Paris’ documentary wrote, “Yesterday Lisa Rinna reposted a really misleading tweet about Paris Hilton’s Provo canyon experience, and it’s like. One of the grossest things she’s done.”

Viewers react to Lisa Rinna going after Kathy Hilton threw Paris Hilton's traumatic teenage experience.
Pic credit: @ellerja/Twitter, @WTFKEmiliyRose/Twitter

Paris has liked many posts condemning Lisa’s outrageous behavior. One RHOBH fan said it best, writing, “This is NOT ok. This is punishing @ParisHilton for speaking her truth about her trauma & when a child is abused, their relationship & healing with their parent(s) is their business & theirs alone. @KathyHilton. Weaponizing childhood trauma against ANYONE is sick. SICK @lisarinna”

One RHOBH viewer says Lisa Rinna is punishing Paris Hilton and not her mother.
Pic credit: @candidlycraig/Twitter

Kathy Hilton attended therapy with her daughter Paris Hilton

Many viewers pointed out that Kathy only recently found out what Paris endured when her parents sent her away to a reform school.

Paris made a documentary, This is Paris, and in it, she exposed the school they sent her to, Provo Canyon, for its abusive methods. She even got Congress to pass a law to protect other teenagers.

During the documentary, she told her mom what happened. At first, Kathy was in shock and couldn’t stop crying. She wasn’t even able to watch the documentary. She said she spent days in bed and that she was devastated.

However, she mustered the courage to watch Paris’ documentary with her. The mother and daughter even attended therapy together.

Kathy explained that she and her husband visited the school regularly, called Paris to check on her, and even went up with decorations for Christmas. Paris revealed to her mom that the school made her too scared to speak out at the time and that the minute her parents left, the teachers took down all the Christmas decorations.

It will be interesting to see if Kyle publicly condemns Lisa’s behavior and if Kathy will respond. Lisa Rinna was asked at BravoCon if she was ready to be put on pause.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.  

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Cynthia Johnson
Cynthia Johnson
1 year ago

This is despicable behavior on Rinna’s part. To use the child of Kathy and exploit this bad situation reveals again her lack of morals/integrity. To insult Garcelle, whom by the way had a fantastic book. She deserves accolades for her achievements.
Denise was right when she asked you to explain your vile behavior before Lois’ passing, so it was always there. When you were crying at the dinner and saying you missed your mom, WOW, what bad acting. Pathetic. Lois is probably turning over in her grave.

Someone has the dirt on you, lady. It is there and the Truth will definitely come out.
You won’t pay for your own daughter’s therapy yet you’ll insult Kathy’s daughter. What a low blow. I would expect nothing less. You are the epitomy of evil, close to the devil and I am so very sorry for you.
By the way, spell Portia’s name correctly on your emails. Obviously, your only concern is YOU. As Kathy said, your contract was coming up.
I think you’ve defintely met your match this time.
Your low class is showing…

Lori T
Lori T
1 year ago

Rinna has hit rock bottom. The only one here who had the melt down is Rinna. I believe her and Erika plotted this storyline in desperation to save their job.Rinna is a pitiful desperate woman who leads a lonely life living with a part time husband and mental childre who act like her.She’s the leach of the group and by no means lives the lavish life of any of the others. She is totally out of control and it needs to stop. I see a law suit coming her way. And it would serve her right. She is no friend to Kyle who is to stupid not to open her mouth and call her out. What if the shoe was on the other foot and Kathy went after one of her daughters. We all know she went crazy over Kim’s remark about her husband. And that was intent to harm her. Rinna is in a dangerous position and her lies and destruction will destroy her. Bravo and Andy need to not take her actions lying down. Fire her and save the show.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lori T

Lisa’s just a low life I hope her dirt all comes out coMe on Kim let us all know what you have on her don’t worry you won’t be lowering your self to her level that level has been reserved for Lisa Erica and Diane come on Lisa get some class if it is possible

Melissa Binder
Melissa Binder
1 year ago

Wow!! I thought the children were off-limits

nancyann VitarelliCarvalho
nancyann VitarelliCarvalho
1 year ago

She needs to be fired. Period. This is not ok. Bravo needs to get rid of her once and for all she’s a bully and just mean