Kathy Hilton came prepared and read Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne at RHOBH Reunion

Kathy Hilton on the red carpet
RHOBH star Kathy Hilton wants Lisa Rinna to take a lie detector test. Pic credit: Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

“Hi Girls!”

This is what Kathy Hilton said to Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne when she sat on the couch next to her sister, ready for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion.

Lisa and Erika avoided looking her in the eye when she arrived on the stage.

Kathy looked them dead in the eyes and gave them a knowing smile.

She was ready, RHOBH viewers felt it! And they loved it!

Kathy immediately addressed Lisa. She admitted to having vented to Lisa and said she thought she was talking to a friend of over 20 years.

However, the child actress said that she never said she wanted to end her sister, Kyle Richards, nor did she say anything derogatory about her castmates.

RHOBH: Kathy Hilton asked Lisa to take a lie detector test

Bravo Executive Producer Andy Cohen read what Lisa alleged Kathy had said about her castmates.

Lisa said that Kathy was screaming and raging and said things that she had never heard in her life.

Kathy asked Lisa if she would be willing to take a lie detector test. She asked her, “Do you want to put your hand on a bible for that?”

She went further and said that while she was ranting, Lisa agreed with some of the things she was saying about Kyle.

The reality star made a hilarious impression of Lisa, saying, “I know, I know. You are preaching to the choir.” Then she asked Lisa, “Do you remember saying that?”

Kyle looked at Lisa shocked with a look of hurt on her face. Lisa had trouble answering. Even Erika looked at her, stunned. They weren’t ready for Kathy to come out swinging like this!

Paris Hilton’s mother insisted, asking Lisa, “Well, do you?”

Erika Jayne accused Kathy Hilton of using a slur word

Andy asked Kathy what sparked her meltdown. Kathy explained that while they were at the Caribou Club in Aspen, she asked the DJ to play some music. He said he didn’t take requests.

She told the manager that she had been in this club in Europe and other places and that they took requests. He got annoyed and told her to “Go back to LA.”

She said that’s when she went to her sister, Kyle, and said, “We are out of here.”

In a revealing moment, Erika intervened and said that Kathy came to her and said that the, “DJ was a f***ing, F word.”

Kathy looked appalled and said that she didn’t use that word, ever. Erika told her that she was telling the truth. She said, “I have nothing to lie about.”

Kathy looked at the Pretty Mess performer with a smile and said, “Oh really? I have a little more credibility than you.” And then she calmly took a sip of her bottled water.

Garcelle smiled at Kathy’s response.

A viewer wrote, “We’re all Garcelle watching Kathy Hilton read Erika”

Andy clarified that Human Resources investigated the matter and that it was a case of hearsay. And in the end, it is Kathy’s word against Erika’s. But now, we know who leaked this narrative to the press

RHOBH fans stan Kathy Hilton

After the episode aired, most fans seemed to side with Kathy. They loved that Kathy stood up to Lisa and Erika.

One funny viewer wrote, poking fun at Erika, “I felt so satisfied with the #rhobhreunion. Kathy Hilton read Rinna and Erika for filth. It healed me… for legal reasons”

RHOBH viewers are happy Kathy Hilton stood up to Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne.
Pic credit: @Yuni_Kitten /Twitter

@Queensofbravo wrote, “Kathy Hilton ate up Lisa Rinna and left zero crumbs. Justice for Kim”

The final part of the Reunion did not disappoint. And if Kathy doesn’t come back for another season, she will have left on a high note.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on hiatus.

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Ana Beyonce knowles
Ana Beyonce knowles
1 year ago

Prepared? She came prepared to
deflection …. She lost me when she sais the texts are not on my phone and lisa has it… how embarrassing. I believe she said every single thing and more. Katty is the Bully of Hollywood… she is the female Trump.

penny pemberton
penny pemberton
1 year ago

she “left on a high note” ???? she showed the world that she’s bi-polar!!!
one of the primary symptoms is how they “talk” themselves into meltdown. and she admitted it on film. she said that she was “thinking” to herself and then she couldn’t back out of it but continued to lash out at anyone who didnt go along with her “thinking”. very bi-polar and an entitled major bully.