Reality Steve addresses crazy Bachelorette theory about Becca, Tayshia, and Hannah Ann competing for the guys

Becca, Tayshia, and Hannah Ann
Becca, Tayshia, and Hannah Ann will not be competing on The Bachelorette Reality Steve says. Pic credit: ABC

Reality Steve is breaking his silence about what’s happening in The Bachelorette world.

The show is going through some interesting times as producers work to film a season while keeping everyone safe from COVID-19.

They’ve isolated the cast and crew at a resort in La Quinta, California. Several former contestants have shown up at the resort and fans have been wondering if those alums will compete on the show.

Recently, a wild theory about the show surfaced, and Reality Steve has decided to address it.

Reality Steve debunks crazy Bachelorette theory

The theory comes from the “Bachelor Suitcase Guy.” Bachelor Suitcase Guy removed contestants’ suitcases from their hotel rooms when they were sent home from a 2-on-1 date.

Suitcase Guy’s theory was that production brought in two additional Bachelorette contestants in order to save the season after Clare Crawley’s departure. He claimed that Becca Kufrin, Tayshia Adams, and Hannah Ann Sluss will all be competing as the Bachelorette.

But Reality Steve isn’t having it. “Clearly after reading what I wrote today, that Twitter account is garbage and just looking for attention,” Steve declared on his website.

“Do you really think that someone from production would start a Twitter account, ADMIT they were part of production and live on set, then just tweet out spoilers as the show is going on? Really? And a 3 Bachelorette season at that, including one (Becca) who hasn’t even publicly stated she’s broken up with her fiancé, yet she’s going to be choosing between these men?”

Steve has a theory about how the theory came about. “They took the news that was being reported by outlets, twisted a few things, and created their own narrative. And if they were production and live on set, wouldn’t they literally be posting with new info every single day? It’s been almost a week since that post,” Steve explained.

When the tweet surfaced, Bachelor Suitcase Guy did say that he was only sharing what he thought they could do based on his time there. No one verified his claims.

Reality Steve can confirm that Tayshia Adams is taking over

One thing that Reality Steve can confirm is that Clare is done as The Bachelorette, as she has found love with Dale Moss.

Tayshia Adams has reportedly taken over as the next Bachelorette, though ABC has yet to confirm the re-casting.

As for Hannah Ann and Becca Kufrin, the two may be present at the resort to serve as friends and advisors for Tayshia as she embarks on this new journey. She has started filming this new season, but Reality Steve said he doesn’t know all the details yet.

Some of the guys who had been cast for Clare’s season were sent home and some were brought back when Tayshia was cast as the next Bachelorette.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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