Here’s the craziest Bachelorette theory yet and it comes from someone who worked on the show

Bachelorette theory
The newest Bachelorette theory involves all of these ladies. Pic credit: ABC

The newest Bachelorette theory is absolutely wild.

It originated on Twitter yesterday with someone who used to work on the show- the “Bachelor Suitcase Guy.”

Bachelor Suitcase Guy apparently earned his odd nickname when he decided to join the show as the man who removes the suitcases from the hotel rooms when someone has been eliminated.

As the Suitcase Guy, he wouldn’t have as much insider knowledge as some of the higher-ups in production, but he may have a few insights.

So, without further ado, here’s his crazy Bachelorette theory.

The Bachelorette could see three women competing according to a new theory

On Twitter, Bachelor Suitcase Guy outlined what had been going on. He said that this has been the craziest week he has seen thus far.

He went back to the beginning, starting with when Clare was picked as the next Bachelorette. He confirmed that she has indeed left the show with Dale and that her producers were not happy about it. Her story, he said, might just be a single episode.

Tayshia was then selected to join The Bachelorette as the new lead, but she had been working on a fashion opportunity at the time. While she wasn’t sure about it all, she chose to join the show after Chris Harrison convinced her.

The Bachelorette
This new Bachelorette theory is wild. Pic credit: @bachelorsuitcaseguy/Twitter

Some of Clare’s contestants from the first round back in March – the ones that were supposedly too young for Clare – have been asked back. Some of the guys who were eliminated by Clare have also been asked back.

But this is where things get interesting- Bachelor Suitcase Guy wrote that the morning after Tayshia’s cocktail party, producers weren’t happy with the storylines or the connections that were made. Tayshia and the guys just weren’t doing it for producers.

That’s when they decided to shake things up.

Remember how Hannah Ann was seen on the set as well, dragging a large suitcase?

He claimed that producers, for the first time in Bachelorette history, decided to create a panel of Bachelorettes to choose from. It’s not a double bachelorette situation like Britt and Kaitlyn, but instead a panel of eligible Bachelorettes from which the guys could choose who they wanted to date. The idea was that the format would create a sense of competition.





The Bachelorette
There is a new Bachelorette theory coming from someone who used to work there. Pic credit: @bachelorsuitcaseguy/Twitter 

Suitcase Guy explained that Becca is indeed there as the third Bachelorette, even though she was engaged to Garrett just two weeks ago. According to him, Becca is excited about this new opportunity.

He concluded his long Twitter explanation by saying that producers are still working out the details, but that the rose ceremonies will be a group decision for the women, who will decide together who goes home. Apparently, this scenario means lots of group dates and competition between the three women.

He said that there will be three engagements at the end of it. He promised more details, adding that he’s honored to be part of this season, as it could be the most interesting season of the Bachelorette ever.

Is The Bachelorette really going with this concept?

Okay, so that’s a lot to dissect, and Reality Steve hasn’t addressed this particular theory just yet. It comes from someone who was on the show last season, but how much can we trust him now?

After the theory surfaced, Steve took to Instagram and explained that he had heard things that weren’t quite what the media was portraying. He also said that what he was hearing was vague.

Reality Steve
Reality Steve says he’s getting more information. Pic credit: @realitysteve/Instagram

He also said that social media accounts have been running with a story that may not be true. He told fans that they’ll be shocked if what he has heard is indeed true, but he didn’t specify what he was talking about.

Reality Steve
Reality Steve says that what you are hearing in the media isn’t necessarily true. Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Reality Steve said definitively that Bachelor In Paradise isn’t currently filming at the resort.

Reality Steve
Reality Steve says Bachelor In Paradise is not happening. Pic credit: @realitysteve/Instagram

We reported earlier this week that Wells Adams was spotted at the resort, but if three women are The Bachelorette stars, he could serve as a sort of guide and advise as he does on The Bachelorette.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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