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Ramona Singer talks Elyse Slaine at RHONY reunion: ‘She’s a black widow’

Real Housewives of New York star, Ramona Singer, says Elyse Slain is a black widow during reunion episode.
Real Housewives of New York star, Ramona Singer, says Elyse Slain is a black widow during reunion episode. Pic credit: Bravo

It’s no secret that The Real Housewives of New York City star, Ramona Singer, loves being the center of attention. And when she feels that things aren’t going her way, the claws come out.

This season, it seemed that Ramona had her sights set on Elyse Slain, a friend of the show who was featured in most episodes. The two started out the season as friends and but Ramona cut ties with Elyse before the season finale.

And although Elyse wasn’t present at the reunion, that didn’t stop the conversations about her controversial part this season.

The segment started with host Andy Cohen reading a fan question directed at Dorinda Medley asking why she gave Elyse so much grief throughout the season for defending Ramona when castmate, Sonja Morgan, has been doing the same thing for years.

Dorinda responded, “Sonja flip flops.”

Housewife Luann de Lesseps then steps in and elaborated, “She’s always defending Ramona, even if she’s wrong.”

Sonja nodded and agreed, “True that,” she said.

Dorinda then clarified, “Elyse was coming to Leah and I constantly and saying how terrible Ramona was being to her and she couldn’t figure out why.”

Elyse accused Ramona of acting differently with her throughout the season

At one point in the season, Elyse told both Dorinda and Leah, “When we’re not with you girls, we’re great. It’s only around this group that she gets a little weird. She just shuts it down.”

And it didn’t stop there, in a different discussion with Sonja, Elyse claimed that Ramona was selfish and only thought about herself.

“You know what it is,” she started, “Ramona-ville is filled with a lot of one-way streets.”

Then, at a party when Ramona refused to acknowledge Elyse’s presence, Elyse finally snapped.

“Really you’re going to pretend that I’m not even standing here?” she angrily questioned grabbing Ramona’s arm as she tried to turn away.

“I don’t know who you are,” Ramona responded, shaking out of Elyse’s grip.

Ramona felt that Elyse betrayed her friendship

Back at the reunion, Andy asked, “Why did you fall out (with Elyse), Ramona?”

“Because she’s a black widow,” Ramona quickly responded. “And I knew this and I never should have trusted her. Follow your gut,” she continued.

When Andy followed up questioning if Ramona was upset because she was the one who brought Elyse onto the show, Ramona claimed that Elyse told her, “I will come on the show and these girls don’t have your back, but I will.”

It’s at that point that everyone realizes the real issue that Ramona had with Elyse.

“Okay, you wanted her to have blind loyalty to you,” Andy said.

Shrugging, Ramona responds, “And she didn’t. And she betrayed me so why would I want her around me?”

The Real Housewives of New York City is currently on hiatus on Bravo.