Rachel Swindler from Big Brother 20 blames bear for head injury

Rachel Big Brother 20
Big Brother fans met Rachel Swindler during the Summer 2018 season. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 20 alum Rachel Swindler suffered a bad head injury this week.

In a post on Instagram, she shared pictures of the resulting injury.

Rachel also said that a bear was at fault for the incident.

After telling a story about barely surviving an encounter with a bear in one video clip, Rachel revealed the truth in a second video clip.

“If anyone asks though, it was a bear,” Rachel posted on Instagram.

The post features Rachel in a room fresh after receiving stitches to her forehead.

Big Brother fans met Rachel in the summer of 2018 when she played on the BB20 cast.

That was the season that Kaycee Clark beat out Tyler Crispen in a close jury vote.

Rachel was the last person sent home before the BB20 jury began, landing her with a 12th-place finish.

Rachel Swindler explains her head injury

“Swipe to see what a simple run to the post office gets ya,” the post continues.

The second slide of Rachel’s post describes an encounter with a bear that she barely survived. But this story was used to cover up what really happened.

The third slide from her post is another video clip, but this is from her home camera that showed what took place.

Rachel’s Ring camera revealed that she went to get in her car and opened the door too quickly. It ended with a head injury that landed her with several stitches right above her left eye.

In the comment section of her post, Rachel talked a bit more about the injury as other Big Brother alums weighed in.

“RACHEL OMG,” wrote Kay Dunn from Big Brother 21.

“Rachel….. Really?!?!” posted Kaycee Clark.

“And yes I screamed for my mama! There was blood gushing everyone and ya girl has PTSD from high school when I busted my chin open! All you wanna is your mama!” Rachel elaborated on the incident.

BB Alums React To Rachel
Big Brother alums react to Rachel’s injury. Pic credit: @RachelSwindler/Instagram

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