Rachel Reilly reveals the name, shares picture of new Big Brother baby

Rachel And Brendon BB
Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas met in the Big Brother house. Pic credit: CBS

Rachel Reilly gave birth to a new baby boy this week. It is the second child she has had with husband Brendon Villegas.

The couple met back on Big Brother 12, played again together on Big Brother 13, and got married after their time in the house.

Rachel and Brendon even went on The Amazing Race to continue their run on reality television competition shows, but outside of that, they also decided that it was time to increase the size of their family.

Four-year-old daughter Adora now has a baby brother and we finally got to see a glimpse of the new baby. Rachel and Brendon also revealed the name to the world after having a bit of trouble deciding what they were going to go with.

Brendon had been posting updates from the hospital about what was going on with the birth and he shared some nervousness about the expectation. He also noted that Rachel would be sharing pictures a bit later.

Rachel Reilly reveals baby No. 2 to the world

The new baby is named Adler Mateo Villegas. According to Us Weekly, Rachel stated that the birth was a difficult one that she described as “super hard and scary.”

Rachel explained that “At one point I was on oxygen and it lasted longer than my birth with Adora. Almost 15 hours he did not want to come out of the womb. Brendon was really supportive and my rock the whole time. He encouraged my breathing and my labor positions and helped me when I didn’t think I could keep going. He was an amazing partner and has been so helpful.”

That does indeed sound like it was a tough time for the new mom-of-two, but it’s good to hear that Brendon was also there to help her along.

Below is a photo of the family with Rachel, Brendon, Adora, and Adler all shows off for the world to see. We fully expect Rachel and Brendon to share a lot more photos of the new baby on Instagram in the coming days, but this is all we get for the time being.

More Big Brother news

In less positive Big Brother news that has come out recently, Big Brother 7 winner Mike Malin was reportedly arrested again. It continues to look like we might never get to see Boogie Mike on the show again.

BB10 and BB22 cast member Memphis Garrett also posted on social media that he has been receiving death threats from angry fans. He shared that bit 0f news in a video he posted to Instagram.

As for when we might see the show again, Big Brother 23 has been officially announced and host Julie Chen Moonves was the first one to let fans know about it.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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