Pump Rules: Stassi Schroeder claims Randall Emmett’s actions against Lala Kent ‘way darker’ than simply cheating

Former VPR star Stassi Schroeder.
Former Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder says what Randall Emmett did to Lala Kent was “way darker” than anyone knows. Pic credit: Bravo

Lala Kent’s split from film producer Randall Emmett in October 2021 took the Vanderpump Rules fandom by surprise. Although many had questioned the origins of their romance and accused Lala of being the other woman in their situation, the pair seemed committed to making it down the aisle and building a family.

However, what transpired instead was a dramatic implosion of their relationship after photos surfaced online showing Randall out on the town with two unidentified young women. Once the rumors of his infidelity hit the internet it didn’t take long for reports of their split to follow.

Recently, Lala’s former Vanderpump Rules castmate Stassi Schroeder hinted that there was more to the former couple’s split than just the cheating. In fact, Stassi referred to it as “way darker” than most people know.

Vanderpump Rules alum Stassi Schroeder hints at ‘way darker’ drama than just cheating between Randall Emmett and Lala Kent

While appearing as a guest on The Morning Toast podcast, Stassi briefly discussed Randall and Lala’s situation and split. While she chose not to divulge too many details since the pair share 1-year-old daughter Ocean, Stassi did say there was more to their story than what has already been released.

Seemingly echoing previous statements made by Lala, Stassi shared that whatever transpired between the two involved “dark” actions on Randall’s part.

“No one knew anything…We found out on a fan account… And so, obviously, me and Beau [Clark] cut Randall off right when that happened,” Stassi said.

Before changing the subject, she continued, “Cuz it wasn’t just a cheating thing. It was… it’s way darker. And I can’t really speak on it because, you know, Lala has Ocean, and they’re going through it. But yeah no. Randall is not…”

Lala says someday the truth about Randall ‘will come to the light’

Since their split, Lala has maintained that Randall is one of the worst things to ever happen to her. And now, as she navigates her new life as a single mom, Lala has shared that she’s attempting to go “zero contact” with Randall despite their current shared custody of Ocean.

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Lala also revealed that while she hasn’t fully spoken out about Randall’s secrets, she knows that someday the truth is bound to come out.

When asked by Andy what the worst thing she learned about Randall was post-split, Lala responded, “There will be a day that we all — the truth will come to the light.”

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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