Peter Weber defends his mother Barb after The Bachelor finale: ‘I respect the hell out of my mom’

Peter Weber and his mom Barbara
Peter Weber reveals he’s very proud of his mother Barbara. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber broke off his engagement with Hannah Ann during The Bachelor finale.

At the time, he claimed to have feelings for Madison Prewett. His mother Barbara was not happy about Peter’s decision.

She clearly favored Hannah Ann and wasn’t pleased about Peter pursuing Madison. However, Peter doesn’t have any bad feelings towards his mother after the finale aired.

While fans were furious at how she handled herself, Peter says he only has respect for his mom.

Peter Weber still has respect for his mother

Peter went on The Viall Files with Bachelor star Nick Viall, where he opened up about his mother Barbara and how he feels after she slammed Madison Prewett during the finale.

“Listen, my family in general, they’re my rock,” he explained to Nick after being asked about his mother.

“I’ll defend them ’til the day I die. I love them more than anything. They truly just want the best for me. In regards to what occurred on stage, you know… could [my mom’s] delivery been different? 100 percent.”

“But where that was coming from was a place of pure love. That’s who my mom is. I respect the hell out of my mom. To be able to speak her mind and not feel the pressure to cave in to a certain narrative on live-television, in front of millions of people… that takes a strong person. That’s the love of a mother,” he explains.

Since the finale aired, Peter has spent time with his family. He even addressed a magazine cover on Instagram that claimed that he had turned his back on his mom. To make a point, he held up the magazine and then asked his mother for her opinion — showing they clearly still have a good relationship.

It’s clear that the finale didn’t change anything between them.

Peter Weber’s mother was named the worst mother-in-law after the finale

Barbara didn’t get the best reputation after the Bachelor finale. No one knew what she was going to say and many viewers felt she came off rather aggressively. Even Chris Harrison was surprised at how she acted, revealing he was sad that things escalated the way they did.

Peter’s mom was highly criticized after the finale aired. She was dubbed the “worst mother-in-law ever” by viewers and the scene where she cried to Peter about bringing someone home was suddenly seen as manipulative.

It didn’t help either that Barbara was caught whispering something to her husband during the interview, hinting that he should support her stance and say something bad about Madison and Peter possibly being a couple.

Less than 48 hours after the finale aired, Peter and Madison revealed that they would not pursue a relationship. Barbara was partially blamed, as she clearly stood in the way of them ever having a future together.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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A mother in law
A mother in law
4 years ago

I love Barbara! As a mother we want someone that fits for the whole family. Someone we can all love.
A mother has great instincts!