The Bachelor star Peter Weber’s mom whispered something to her husband during finale – but what?

Barbara is currently being criticized for slamming Madison. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor has come to an end, and Peter Weber is currently a single man.

The finale ended with Peter breaking things off with Hannah Ann after proposing to her so that he could explore a relationship with Madison.

While Madison was also open to the idea of dating, it was Peter’s mother, Barbara, who stood in the way of a romance.

She favored Hannah Ann over Madison, and she didn’t hold back during the finale.

Peter Weber’s mom whispered something to his father on the show

Peter’s parents were in the audience last night, watching everything unfold.

During the live finale, Chris Harrison asked Peter’s mom to give her thoughts on how the finale played out. Throughout the live segment, there was a camera on her the entire time.

She clapped in support of Hannah Ann standing up for herself to Peter and breaking things off with him and then rolled her eyes when Madison talked about how she wanted to give it a second chance with him.

Peter’s father had been rather quiet throughout the night, so Chris turned to him. Before he could answer, Barbara said something to him in Spanish.

Fans heard her, and now, they are claiming to have interpreted what she said.

As shared via screenshots from Reality Steve, Barbara supposedly said, “say something bad too, help me.”

If this is true, Barbara wanted Peter’s father to stay something bad about Madison so they could appear united on stage.

As one person pointed out, Barbara was quick to applaud Peter for having sex four times with Hannah Brown last season but was caught slamming Madison for having morals and not jumping into an engagement after weeks of dating Peter.

Peter Weber’s mom called manipulative and the worst mother-in-law ever

As the finale aired on ABC last night, fans were quick to call her the worst mother-in-law you could have because of the way she was hung up on Hannah Ann and continued to slam Madison.

This happened even after Peter announced that he loved Madison and wanted to pursue her.

The finale did show more of Peter’s family, including his mother, who had very emotional reactions to Peter’s final women.

She cried, begging Peter to pick Hannah Ann, which was something fans saw as manipulative.

Many viewers also guessed that his mom’s behavior was something he had grown up with, and why he constantly caved to the drama on the show.

You can watch the clip from the episode below.

The Bachelor returns in January 2021.

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