Peter’s mom Barb slammed over her ‘manipulative’ crying on The Bachelor finale

Barbara is criticized for the way she handled herself on The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber’s mom Barbara has played a big role in this season of The Bachelor.

Peter brought Madison Prewett to his parents’ house during his first one-on-one date, so it was their second time seeing her during their meeting yesterday.

After seeing Madison again and meeting Hannah Ann, Barbara clearly had a favorite.

In fact, she broke down crying in front of Peter, asking him to please pick Hannah Ann and bring her back home to the family.

But Peter was torn, telling his mom to stop crying and stop putting him in such a tough situation.

Peter’s mom Barbara pushed for her son to pick Hannah Ann

As soon as Barbara started crying, begging for Peter to please bring back Hannah Ann to the family, Peter asked her to please stop, as he felt more inclined to pick Madison.

And Twitter users also had plenty to say about the situation, including Bachelor In Paradise star Astrid Loch.

She guessed that Barbara may have been intimidated by Madison because she would now become second to Peter instead of first. Peter would put Madison first and cave to her demands, but be more casual with Hannah Ann.

Astrid believes that this is why Barbara is pushing Hannah on Peter.

Peter’s mom Barbara is being criticized by viewers

But she wasn’t the only one who had something to say about it. Several people started to turn on Barbara, writing that she just needed to get used to the fact that Madison was the one Peter wanted.

Another follower pointed out that Peter’s mom was crying to manipulate him to change his mind. The user guessed that this is why Peter felt bad all season and kept the girls around who kept crying to get their way.

Another person pointed out that the family’s comments that Madison was a red flag were a red flag about the family.

Tia Booth, who is also part of the Bachelor Nation, pointed out that just because Madison is saving herself for marriage doesn’t mean she can’t be there for Peter.

Prior to last night’s episode, fans thought that perhaps the statement about not letting her go was about Madison. However, during the episode, it was revealed to be about Hannah Ann. Everything points to Peter choosing Madison if he’s following his heart and not his mother’s cries.

There is still a question about the proposal, as Peter could still propose to his final woman during the live finale tonight.

The Bachelor concludes tonight, Tuesday, March 10, at 8/7c on ABC.

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