Peter Weber’s mom saying ‘Don’t let her go’ may not be about Madison after all

Peter Weber
Peter Weber’s mom says something that has driven fans crazy for months. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is coming to an end tonight.

While fans are excited to learn who Peter picks in the end and whether he gets engaged, fans are just as curious about knowing who Peter’s mom is talking about.

In a preview that has aired since the beginning of The Bachelor, Peter’s mom keeps saying, “bring her home.”

But the context is unknown, and fans have no idea who she is talking about.

Is she talking about Madison? What about Hannah Ann? Or is it the producer?

Peter Weber’s mom says ‘Bring her home’

In the clip, Peter’s mom is crying. And it’s clear she’s emotionally invested in whatever decision Peter has to make.

Fans have wondered who she is referring to, and they aren’t getting much help from producers. In fact, the higher-ups are now trying to change people’s opinions about who it could be she’s referring to.

“I would say it’s probably not who people think,” Rob Mills, an ABC executive, said recently to Variety. “People will probably be surprised when they see who she’s talking about.”

“He lives with his family, so you’ll see family dynamics like we’ve really never seen in a finale,” he continued. “The meet-the-parents stuff is very real and very different. It’s all really riveting, and watching it through that lens, you really see how it informs Peter’s decision.”

Even though Mills may be trying to sway viewers, some hardcore Bachelor fans think they have found the answer.

Fans have been looking at Peter Weber’s shirt

Fans are trying to figure out what happens on the show to cause Peter’s mom to make those comments. And one thing is telling — Peter’s wardrobe.

Here’s what we know — Madison walked out of their last date, but she returned despite Peter sleeping with Hannah Ann and Victoria.

The issue first surfaced when she told Peter that she was saving herself for marriage. In that admission, Madison also told Peter that she would probably leave if he slept with the other women — which he then did afterward.

Now, he has to try to save his relationship with Madison, which could be connected to his mom crying about bringing her back.

Peter is wearing the same blue shirt in the conversation with his mom as he is with Madison.

Peter wearing denim blue button up shirt in bringing _____ to meet the family, and wearing same shirt in the “don’t let her go” scene from thebachelor

Fans also believe they have narrowed down Peter being heartbroken in the outback to Madison.

Peter’s heart broken by _______ from thebachelor

Given he’s heartbroken over her possibly leaving again, it makes sense that his mother is pleading with him to fight for love.

All answers will be provided during tonight or tomorrow night’s two-part finale, which airs on ABC.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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