Peter Weber’s mom Barbara called a bad mother-in-law after Bachelor breakdown

Barbara is being called one of the worst mothers-in-law you could have. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor is concluding tonight and Peter Weber’s mom has played a huge role.

It’s no secret based on the footage that she favors Hannah Ann over Madison and she even encouraged her son to pick Hannah.

However, some viewers are taking her behavior to the next level, judging her for being the worst mother-in-law ever.

On Twitter, people had plenty of reactions, calling her everything from a bad mother-in-law to downright manipulative.

Even though she wants the best for her son, she isn’t winning over viewers.

Peter Weber’s mom Barbara isn’t winning over viewers

Even Reality Steve chimed in with his thoughts, writing on Twitter that he would guess that Barbara isn’t happy with the way she came across on the show.

That’s when someone said that she would be a bad mother-in-law and that they feel sorry for anyone who would have to deal with her.

Another person chimed in by saying that she deserved all the backlash she would get from viewers.

During the live finale, Chris Harrison asked Barbara to speak her mind as she was clearly being put in a special situation.

She told the audience that fans hadn’t seen everything. She went on to explain that they had waited over three hours for Madison to come to see them and once she did arrive, she didn’t apologize to them.

Barbara then explains that Madison said she wasn’t ready to marry Peter and wouldn’t accept a proposal. That’s why she wanted Peter to pick Hannah Ann.

She argues that none of that was shown during The Bachelor finale.

Peter Weber’s mom breaks down after learning he picks Hannah Ann

Throughout tonight’s finale, Barbara broke down in tears after learning that Peter had proposed to Hannah Ann.

During Monday’s episode of the show, Madison stood up for herself during their conversation and told her that this was as much her journey as it was Peter’s journey.

Things clearly didn’t go well during the meeting and later, Peter’s mom was thrilled to learn that Madison would not be his future wife.

During the two-part finale, Barbara has already been called manipulative for the way she handled herself this season.

In addition, during the live show, the cameras kept filming Barbara and her reactions as Peter broke things off with Hannah Ann and showed him pursuing a new relationship with Madison.

The Bachelor concludes tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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