Chris Harrison speaks out on Barbara’s outrageous behavior at the Bachelor finale

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison is speaking out about Barbara’s behavior on The Bachelor finale. Pic credit: ABC

Chris Harrison is the host of The Bachelor, and he was present during Monday and Tuesday’s episodes, which aired live.

Harrison, who is usually happy and celebratory during the finale episodes, was shocked to see how everything played out.

Peter Weber wanted to try and pursue a relationship with Madison Prewett, but his mother appeared to get in the way.

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Barbara was very outspoken throughout the finale, sharing that she didn’t think Peter and Madison had a future together.

While Harrison didn’t say anything throughout the episode, he’s now speaking out about how he feels about the whole thing.

Chris Harrison was in shock during The Bachelor finale

Chris, who remained calm, cool, and collected throughout the episode, is now addressing Barbara’s behavior on the live finale.

Chris Harrison reveals he was in shock when he heard her comments about Madison.

“If you ask my honest to God opinion, I thought she was going to say, ‘Look, yes, I love Hannah Ann. I know I was hard on Madison and yeah, they have a lot of obstacles, but’ — I was waiting for the ‘but’ — ‘but that’s our son and we’re going to see how this goes.’ There was never a ‘but,’” Chris revealed at the launch of his Seagram’s Escapes Tropical Rose on Wednesday.

“That car kept driving off the cliff. And I was really surprised and shocked and a little saddened by that,” he continued, “I’m not saying Barb’s right or wrong, but the timing and the way it was put, maybe not the best. And you know, I don’t know if she regrets it. You’d have to talk to Barb.”

Since the finale, Peter and Madison have called it quits. They will not be giving their relationship a shot, but they didn’t reveal whether Peter’s mom played a role in their decision.

During the live finale, Chris asked Barbara if she thought Peter and Madison had a chance, to which she replied that Peter would have to fail to succeed.

She added that all of his friends, family members and everyone in his life knew it wouldn’t work out. She concluded that they have been trying to help him.

Chris Harrison could be learning about viewer opinions

Needless to say, fans were shocked to see how Barbara handled herself during the finale. And it didn’t take long for people to share their thoughts about Barbara on Twitter.

Many viewers called her the mother-in-law from hell. She was caught whispering something to her husband as Chris was speaking to him, making viewers believe she was manipulating him.

Barbara has revealed that she has no interest in apologizing to Madison for the comments she made throughout the show. Peter has yet to address his mom’s behavior.

The Bachelor is expected to return in January 2021.

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Yolanda Garcia
Yolanda Garcia
3 years ago

Address his mom’s behavior!!! Mom knows. She can see what others can’t. I don’t think she cross the line. Peter would of had a hard time keeping Madison happy. Its all about what she wants. She played that roll very well. I think Cris Harrison sided with the outspoken people because he wants a good out come for his show. He thinks that if Barbara wouldn’t said what she said it would of worked out. I don’t think so. Because it’s all about her. And she told Peter’s mother she didn’t love Peter…