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Paul Staehle says Karine Martins has complaints about the size of his manhood, says 90 Day Fiance star smells

Paul Staehle claims Karine Martins insults his appearance.
Paul Staehle claims Karine Martins insults his appearance. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Paul Staehle roasted himself by posting insults that his wife Karine Martins allegedly throws at him.

@187anonymousgossip captured screenshots of comments Paul once wrote about Karine has insulted his manhood and body odor.

“Karine tells me I have a small [redacted] and that I smell bad and I am fat,” Paul wrote. “But I just exercise, diet and shower and it is solving the problems. Special toys helped a lot. It is just constructive criticism. My own fault I got fat and smell at times.”

The other comments that Paul wrote imply that he is unable to please his wife but he has found ways to make up for that.

Karine has not confirmed whether she has said these things to Paul or not.

Karine joins OnlyFans

Karine joined OnlyFans shortly after these comments resurfaced.

She promoted her account on her Instagram story.

“Hello everybody. Guess who’s on OnlyFans now? Me,” Karine revealed in the video. “But nothing’s naked. Come and check out my OnlyFans. I’ll see you there. Buh-bye.”

Paul reposted the video on his story and was seemingly caught off guard by his wife’s decision to join OnlyFans.

“Should I be ok with this?” Paul wrote.

Despite the alleged shock, he seemed to be fine with her joining the site considering he also posted a link to her OnlyFans page.

Karine has mostly posted relatively tame content on her OnlyFans. However, she recently asked a question that shocked her subscribers.

Paul has implied that Karine cheats on him

Paul also expressed that Karine hangs out with other men. He also implied that she brings her son around them even though some of them have criminal backgrounds.

“All I’m saying is before we had an argument about it and [what] I told her [was], ‘I tell you what, if you want to go with Pierre and everything else, I’m ok with that if I can do a background check to make sure everything’s cool before you take my son around those individuals,” Paul revealed in an interview with Domenick Nati.

However, Paul is positive that Pierre is his son. He explained that Pierre “has his run” and other similar traits.

He was advised to get a DNA test but ultimately decided against it.

Karine has not commented on these allegations.

It seems that despite the issues in their relationship, the two are trying to make it work for the sake of Pierre and baby number two, who is on the way.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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