Only 1 out of the 7 Filipinas from 90 Day Fiance are not with their partner

Aya and Hazel
Seven Filipinas have been featured on 90 Day Fiance, and of those seven, only one is no longer with their partner Pic credit: TLC

Throughout the course of 90 Day Fiance and its spinoffs, there have been seven Filipinas who appeared on the show, and all but one of them is still with their partner.

Many of the Filipina women featured on the show were seeking better lives and were intentionally looking for American men who they thought could give them more than than they could have in the Philippines.

The notion about the Filipina’s “seeking out better lives” earned them a lot of skepticism on the show with critics thinking that they were only in it for the green card.

The proof, however, is in the longevity of the relationships the Americans have had with their Filipina significant others, proving many people wrong.

Some of the relationships of 90 Day Fiance Filipinas have not been easy

55-year-old Big Ed went to the Philippines to possibly propose to his 24-year-old girlfriend Rosemarie Vega, but Big Ed’s rude and troubling personality proved to be too much for Rose, who left him in the Phillipines.

Since then, Ed has appeared on 90 Day: The Single Life spinoff but his abhorrent behavior and past sexual assault accusations have caused many fans to call for him to be canceled. Rose has been thriving in the Philippines and has found success in modeling.

Tarik proposed to Hazel on Before the 90 Days and was able to bring her over to America on the K-1 visa over a year later. They got married despite their fights over Hazel wanting a girlfriend.

They went through a rocky patch recently and Hazel deleted every trace of Tarik off of her Instagram only to add it back up a few days later, which drew a lot of suspicion from followers.

Tarik and Hazel
Hazel often got mad at Tarik for still wanting to talk to his ex-girlfriend Pic credit: TLC

58-year-old Mark married 19-year old Nikki, who was from the same town in the Philippines as his ex-wife, and their controversial relationship played out on Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance. Mark apparently tried to sue TLC over his portrayal on the show but the case was thrown out.

Nikki has not been seen or heard from on social media for the last 7 years since being on the show, leading to a lot of fan concern.

Some of the couples have stayed out of the spotlight since 90 Day Fiance

Daya got pegged by Brett’s friends and family as a green card-seeking immigrant but she set out to prove them wrong and she has. The couple is still together and welcomed a baby in 2017.

Aya had to overcome resentment and difficulty from Louis’s ex-wife, who did not trust her. She had to get used to helping to raise three boys. She was able to adapt and the couple had a baby boy in 2018. They were featured on 90 Day Fiance: Self Quarantine but have not been in anything since.

Aika and Josh had fertility issues and the fact that Josh didn’t want any more kids than the ones he had from a previous relationship. Although they never ended up having a baby, they are still married but keep pretty private.

Josh and Aika
Josh and Aika fought about having children but have ultimately ended up happy Pic credit: TLC

Larry and Jenny had some cultural differences to work through on the show, with Larry not understanding how to be polite to her customs. The pair got through that, however, and are considered a 90 Day Fiance success story as Larry was able to bring Jenny over on the K-1 visa to get married.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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