Nicole Anthony shares a fun neon sign made for her wedding

Nicole Anthony Swimsuit
Nicole Anthony from Big Brother got married. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother alum Nicole Anthony is hard at work planning her upcoming wedding.

As part of their preparation, Nicole had a special neon sign made that will be on a wall at the venue.

Big Brother fans got to know Nicole when she appeared on the BB21 cast. She made it to the final three but got cut after the final Head of Household Competition.

After losing out to Jackson Michie and Holly Allen on BB21, Nicole was invited back to play on Big Brother: All-Stars 2 (BB22). She got sent home a bit early that time around.

Nicole met her fiance’ Brian after she played on Big Brother 22, and the couple is now engaged to be married.

Through her Instagram posts, Nicole has been updating fans on how the wedding planning is going.

Nicole Anthony’s wedding sign

“Wedding decorations are coming along!” begins the caption to Nicole’s video on Instagram.

“Always and forever; forever and always” is the saying that Nicole and Brian use in their lives.

They created a sign that features those words that will hang on a green photo wall at their wedding venue.

In the video shared below, Nicole talks about the sign and the meaning behind the saying.

Nicole also has the lights turned off to show everyone the sign in all its glory.

Nicole also shared a post from when she and Brian went to pick up some flowers.

In addition to getting some beautiful flowers on their trip, Nicole stated it could be viewed as wedding prep.

“I also got some practice walking down the rows with flowers in hand, so that was of course a wedding-prep bonus!” Nicole wrote in the caption of her post.

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