Big Brother fans hoping for a second-chances season share casts

Jessica From BB19
Jessica was part of the 2017 Big Brother cast. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Some Big Brother fans have posted cast lists for a much-wanted second-chances season.

A new season of the show debuts this summer, with Big Brother 25 already ordered by CBS.

The producers haven’t revealed a theme yet, but several in-person casting calls suggest new people will be a part of the BB25 cast.

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But since no details about the Summer 2023 season have been revealed, fans have found a way to pass the time.

When it comes to a Big Brother second-chance season, the only rule about a cast member is that they can’t be a former winner.

This opens it up to everyone who has played the game before on Big Brother USA.

A Big Brother second-chance season with Big Meech and Zach Rance

A Big Brother fan going by @nicolesmist on Twitter recently shared a 16-person cast photo.

Some names included on the list are Kyland Young from BB23, Michael Bruner from BB24, and Jessica Graf from BB19. The trio had a lot of fans during their respective seasons, and they know how to do well in challenges. Jessica even won The Amazing Race with her husband, Cody Nickson.

Another potential Big Brother 25 cast list

A previous list that was shared also included some interesting names that Twitter user Alex Walker wanted to see in the Big Brother house again.

Some intriguing names that made Alex’s list include Derek Xiao from BB23, Haleigh Broucher from BB20, and Dominic Briones from BB13. Dominic is the husband of Daniele Donato.

And like many lists created for a possible second-chance season, this one has Tiffany Mitchell from BB23 and Vanessa Rousso from BB17. Seeing those two women in the same season would be a treat.

More Big Brother news

A Big Brother season of second chances could be fun, but some ladies would have to opt out due to recently giving birth.

BB16 houseguest Christine Varner said she “almost died” giving birth recently. The mother of a new baby boy shared a video about her ordeal.

Recently, Amanda Zuckerman from BB15 also gave birth. And Zakiyah Everette from BB18 had a baby as well.

But back to the potential for a second-chances season of Big Brother. Since the casting director is putting so much work into open casting calls, it appears that the BB25 cast will be constructed with new people.

Maybe somewhere down the line, possibly with Big Brother 26, the producers will tap into former players again.

Big Brother 25 airs in the summer of 2023 on CBS.

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