Natasha De Bourg reflects on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2, reveals her biggest regret

Natasha De Bourg from Below Deck Sailing Yacht talks biggest regret of Season 2.
Natasha gave shout outs to Captain Glenn and Daisy as she looks back on Season 2 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Pic credit: Bravo

Chef Natasha De Bourg has reflected on Below Sailing Yacht Season 2 and even revealed her biggest regret from the Bravo show.

Natasha was put in the hot seat by Daisy Kelliher, charter guests, and even Captain Glenn Shephard this season. At the beginning of the season, Natasha revealed it was hard to watch her actions on reality television.

Now that it’s all over, with just the Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion to air next week, Natasha’s sharing some words of wisdom to her social media followers.

Natasha reflects on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

In a very raw Instagram post, Natasha got real about being on the Bravo sailing show.

“What an experience of a lifetime! What a roller-coaster ride of your emotions!” Natasha wrote. “Words can’t express what a life-changing journey this has been for me except for a positive one. One where you sit back and reflect as you watch your life go by, you see your life in front of you and from the eyes of the world. One where you watch the world judge you so harshly but also found a tribe to hold and keep you. I saw the ‘Natasha’ that needed saving and indeed that’s what I’m working on.”

The chef expressed her gratitude to Bravo for giving her a chance to be on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Natasha also gave Captain Glenn a shoutout in her message. Like so many others, Natasha praised him as the greatest captain ever.

What was Natasha’s biggest regret about the show?

The final episode of the season featured the crew members sharing their highs and lows of the experience. Viewers watched as Natasha owned up to the part she played in the tension with Daisy.

“You can’t turn back time, but I regret shutting her down. And it’s not like my intention that I ever wanted to do to her. So that was my low, and I just realized that we could work together to make the charters so much better because we have so much in common,” Natasha explained.

She also revealed that her defensiveness was a big reason for problems with the chief stew. Natasha shared that she and Daisy have come a long way. If the two worked together again, the chef knows they would rock a charter season.

Natasha De Bourg calls her experience on Below Deck Sailing Yacht as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The chef also regrets the drama with her and Daisy at the beginning of Season 2. They are good friends these days.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion airs Monday, June 21, and Tuesday, June 22 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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