Natalie Mordovtseva planning a 90 Day Fiance tell all? Mike Youngquist’s estranged wife is ‘looking for a publisher’

90 Day Fiance alum Natalie Mordovtsev wants to extend her fame by writing a book.
Natalie has plans for her future that include spilling the tea on her relationship with Mike Youngquist. Pic credit: TLC

Is Natalie Mordovtseva planning a 90 Day Fiance tell all? All signs point to yes. Mike Youngquist’s estranged wife is reportedly looking for a publisher.

Mike and Natalie have kept 90 Day Fiance fans entertained for two seasons with their turbulent relationship. He abruptly called off their wedding during Season 8 of the TLC show. It was not the end of their romance, though.

They did get married in 2020, but Mike’s uncle Beau Lawrence recently spilled Natalie and Mike have split. The couple didn’t even make it to their first wedding anniversary, which should not surprise anyone.

Natalie and Mike were far from the perfect couple. Now she’s ready to tell all the juicy details regarding the relationship in a book.

Natalie reveals 90 Day Fiance tell all plan

According to ScreenRant, Natalie did an Instagram Live Q&A session to keep fans in the loop regarding her life after Mike.

One fan asked the Ukraine native what she planned on doing for a career. Natalie shocked her followers as she revealed a new project she’s working on right now.

“I’m looking for a publisher right now to publish my first book in English,” Natalie replied.

She went on to reveal the book would address some “uncomfortable questions.” Natalie also teased that 90 Day Fiance fans will for sure enjoy the tea she’s spilling.

The TLC personality didn’t go into details regarding the project, but fans are convinced it’s all about her and Mike. There’s also the possibility she will expose some dirty little secrets about the reality TV show.

Natalie’s many careers

When it comes to choosing a career, Natalie can’t seem to stick to just one.

Back in Ukraine, she was a model and actress, primarily on crime shows. Her Instagram account bio lists Natalie as an actress, journalist, and reality TV star who likes fashion and cooking.

In February, Natalie launched a cooking show on YouTube. However, the show endured a slew of criticism from viewers who accused Natalie of cultural appropriation.

All the backlash hasn’t stopped Natalie from putting out more episodes of her cooking show.

One thing 90 Day Fiance fans are confident of is Natalie’s desire to remain in the spotlight. Like many other reality TV stars looking to stay relevant, Natalie has joined Cameo. She also posts consistently on social media.

Natalie Mordovtseva wants her next career to move to be a book that she insists 90 Day Fiance fans will enjoy. She is looking to capitalize on her relationship with Mike Youngquist and her time on the TLC show.

Would you read Natalie’s book?

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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