My 600-Lb. Life reveals Season 11 premiere date

Season 11 of My 600-Lb. Life will premiere in 2023.
Dr. Nowzaradan will return for a new season of My 600-Lb. Life. Pic credit: @younannowzaradan/Instagram

Fans of TLC’s hit show, My 600-Lb. Life, will be excited to know that Season 11 is happening.

After a lackluster tenth season and rumors of the show’s cancellation, fans were concerned that the show may be ending.

However, recently, TLC announced that Dr. Nowzaradan would be back to help a new group of hopefuls reach their weight loss goals.

Season 11 will premiere on February 1, 2023, and will keep its same Wednesday night timeslot.

Dr. Nowzaradan will continue working with patients from his Houston-based medical practice.

In addition to completing their bariatric surgeries, Dr. Nowzaradan will also guide his patients through overcoming their food addictions and addressing the root of their overeating.

Dr. Nowzaradan has strict requirements for his patients

Before they even meet with Dr. Nowzaradan, patients know they must be prepared to completely change their eating habits and take steps to develop a new relationship with food. They are often required to lose significant weight before being approved for bariatric surgery to prove they are ready for the commitment.

Patients are given a strict diet and a personalized workout routine to jumpstart their weight loss. Dr. Nowzaradan has required his patients to attend therapy and work through any issues that may affect their weight and dedication to the program.

The upcoming season of My 600-Lb. Life will keep the same format the show has become known for. Patients will be introduced in their homes, showing viewers a standard day. This includes what they normally eat for each meal and a typical trip to the grocery store.

After being accepted into Dr. Nowzaradan’s program, patients are expected to move to Houston for at least a year. This is to ensure they are close enough to receive regular checkups, be monitored on their progress, and receive immediate care in the case of an emergency.

Dr. Nowzaradan is embracing social media

Although the show has been airing since 2012, its popularity has greatly increased within the last few years. A big part of that is due to social media and fans discussing the show on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

With his growing fame, Dr. Nowzaradan has become more active on social media, engaging with his fans and giving updates on the show.

Currently, Instagram is where he is the most active and posts regularly. He promotes his book and his line of merch there and gives fans a peek inside the hospital where he works. Dr. Nowzaradan seems to be embracing the spotlight he’s been thrust into and is doing his best to give fans the content they desire.

Season 11 of My 600-Lb. Life premieres Wednesday, February 1, 2023, at 8/7c on TLC.

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