My 600-Lb. Life: Larry Myers gives an update on his weight loss

Larry Myers of My 600-Lb. Life shares an update on his weight loss.
My 600-Lb. Life patient Larry Myers updates fans on his weight loss journey. Pic credit: TLC

During Season 10 of My 600-Lb. Life, Larry Myers shared his story with viewers. The 45-year-old was desperate to drop the weight so that he could continue his dreams of pursuing a singing career.

At the time, Larry weighed in at nearly 660 pounds. He was seeking weight-loss surgery for the second time, which was concerning for bariatric surgeon, Dr. Nowzaradan. After struggling to stick to his strict diet, Larry did not meet his goals and was not approved for surgery.

Roughly a year after his episode was filmed, Larry is giving fans an update on his health and announcing his latest ventures.

Larry Myers is continuing to work on his health

Recently, Larry joined TikTok and has become very active on the social media platform. He’s started posting videos regularly, attempting to connect with fans and provide updates on his life since the show aired.

In a recent video, Larry shared how his weight loss journey has continued since being denied for surgery last year. He has continued to live in Houston while working with Dr. Nowzaradan. He recently shared results from his latest appointment, telling fans that he’s lost an additional 38 pounds. He is now hopeful that he will have surgery soon.

In a separate post, Larry shared a throwback picture of himself weighing 940 pounds and sharing how far he’s come on his journey since then. He talked about how his mobility has increased, how he’s able to walk more, and how completing daily tasks are a lot easier for him now.

When Larry had his first weight-loss surgery, he lost about 700 pounds. However, he admitted to going back to his old eating habits, and quickly gained back over 400 of those pounds. He now believes he is in a better place to lose the weight and keep it off.

Larry Myers is now selling merchandise to his fans

During his episode, Larry became known for singing as he shopped for groceries and prepared his food. He went viral for eating biscuits from a popular chicken restaurant and singing “buttermilk biscuits” as he ate them.

He has since decided to capitalize on that moment and is now selling merchandise with that phrase written on it. Larry has potholders, mugs, t-shirts, and hats that read “buttermilk biscuits” and have his face on them as well.

Larry has also gotten media attention from his time on the show and has done radio interviews and podcasts talking about his time on the show and his viral biscuits moment. He’s stated that life for him in Houston is going well, he’s continuing to lose weight, and will keep fans posted on his surgery progress.

My 600-Lb. Life is currently on hiatus.

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