Mindy Shiben has moved to Mexico! Check out the MAFS alum’s new apartment

Mindy Shiben left her Washington DC home for the beautiful beaches of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Pic Credit: Lifetime

Fresh off a finalized divorce, Married at First Sight star Mindy Shiben is sporting a new address in beautiful Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Aside from sunny skies and beaches, the reality tv star is embarking on her own eat, pray, love journey to refocus on what’s important.

Mindy’s divorce was recently finalized

Since moving to Mexico, she received the sweet news that her TV marriage to fitness professional Zach Justice is officially over.

During their time on the show, Mindy seemed open to finding love, while Zach seemed to be in it for the publicity he would receive. Although the marriage didn’t work, she left with lessons that she’ll bring into her next relationship.

Sharing the divorce news with fans on Instagram, she’s excited to finally close that chapter in her life.

Mindy has made big changes

Deciding to leave her job as a figure skating teacher and switch to teaching ESL, the MAFS star has made Mexico her new home.

She recently told Monsters & Critics she chose Mexico because “I’ve always wanted to live near the beach, I love hot weather (like insanely hot), and I’m really excited to immerse myself in the culture.”

Mindy took to Instagram to give fans a tour of her new apartment by the beach.


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The modest apartment is perfect for her needs and complete with a sunny porch for an afternoon book break.

The real selling point was when she took fans to the roof where the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico were visible only a few miles away in the distance.

She also gave fans more information on her intercontinental move. One fan asked if her move to Mexico was permanent.

While she’s not sure how long she staying, she replied to the comment estimating, “at least for 6 months. We’ll see!”


Mindy confirms that her move down south will last at least 6 months. Pic Credit: @mindy_shiben/Instagram

Fellow MAFS alum Meka Jones congratulated her castmate on her new home and says she “can’t wait to visit.”

Although the two Washington DC brides didn’t leave with their soulmates, it’s clear Season 10 resulted in lasting friendships.


Fellow Season 10 castmember Meka Jones congratulates Mindy on her move. Pic Credit: @mindy_shiben/Instagram

What do you think of Mindy’s new apartment?

Married at First Sight Season 12 premieres Wednesday, January 13, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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