Michael Shiakallis teases MAFS fans with PDA photo with Chloe

MAFS couple Chloe Brown and Michael Shiakallis screenshot
Chloe Brown and Michael Shiakallis are still going strong. Pic credit: Lifetime

Michael Shiakallis has Married at First Sight fans excited about the photo he just posted online, but is he just teasing us?

He shared a PDA-filled photo with Chloe Brown moments ago seemingly hinting they are still together.

The pair looked very happy in the snap, which was taken on the same day the post-Decision Day episode was filmed.

Viewers recently learned the fate of three couples amid a rocky season filled with disappointing outcomes.

Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet opted to get divorced and Cameron Frazer and Clare Kerr also chose divorce, while Becca Haley and Austin Reed decided to stay married.

Michael and Chloe were not a part of the Decision Day episode since they married later in the season.

However, the couple met up with the group for a post-Decision Day chat, and while things got messy Michael and Chloe stayed out of the drama.

Michael Shiakallis posts PDA photo with Chloe Brown

Michael and Chloe stayed out of the altercations between the couples when they met up to get the scoop on Decision Day.

Michael teased the tense scene in a recent Instagram post and possibly hinted that things are good between him and Chloe.

The photo showed the pair snuggled close as they smiled for the photo. We also noticed they held hands as Chloe gently rested her chin on Michael’s shoulder.

“Plaid and denim for our post Decision Day Round One fits. Clearly we had no idea what we were walking into…😬😬,” Michael captioned the Instagram post.

Michael Shiakallis Instagram post.
Michael Shiakallis and Chloe Brown. Pic credit: @_mikeyishere/Instagram

Meanwhile, another hint that Chloe and Michael are still going strong is that he tagged his wife in the post, which means they still follow each other on Instagram.

However, this could mean one of two things: they are still happily married or broken up but are on good terms.

We’ll know for sure when Chloe and Michael face the MAFS experts on their Decision Day episode.

MAFS viewers are hopeful Chloe and Michael will stay together

After the cute photo was posted online, MAFS viewers took to the comments and showed support for Chloe and Michael.

“Rooting for you two! You’re clearly vibin (from what they show us) also kinda have a soft spot for Chloe as a former burquena,” wrote one commenter.

“Happiness Radiants between you two 👏👏 it’s a skill to maintain poise, among the debacle that aired,” wrote someone else.

MAFS viewer comments about Michael and Chloe.
MAFS fans weigh in. Pic credit: @_mikeyishere/Instagram

One viewer noted, “You two are adorable! Look at the smiles on your faces…you had no idea the chaos you were walking into! 😩😅😂.”

Another person added, “My fave couple this season.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Debra Frederick
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